The hot new mixtape ‘This is not the album’ from ‘CSB Scarti’ tells the story of the life of a kid living in the DMV.

THIS IS NOT THE ALBUM is a 12 song mixtape from 18 year old DMV artist CSB Scarti. His third mixtape tells the story of the life of a kid living in the DMV and is a sonic experience from start to finish. From the raw, trap energy found in tracks such as “Woofin”, “Space”, and “Targeting Targets”, to the slow, atmospheric, r&b vibes from tracks such as “Why”, “Interlude”, and “Tomorrow”, Scarti incorporates a variety of sounds and anecdotes from the city itself and the people around it. While still being in high school and engaging in a plethora of extracurricular endeavors, Scarti has faced much adversity an struggles while also experiencing euphoric highs and moments that few have witnessed in their lives ever. Whether that be the day to day activities of life in Skyline Plaza, the apartments he grew up in, or the lavish experiences in places like Grandeur, THIS IS NOT THE ALBUM paints a sonic picture for old Scarti fans and new alike. With excerpts from the CornerStoreBoys and other DMV characters, the new mixtape lays the foundations of the life of Scarti before releasing his debut album; Consider it a glimpse into the Scarti […]