Two Door Cinema Club–Gameshow–Album Review

Two Door Cinema Club’s second album, Beacon, was far from the difficult second record. While their 2010 debut, Tourist History, charted promisingly at #24, the lack of a direct radio hit ensured that the Country Down trio stayed something of a niche hit. However, when they returned two years later, their sound had taken on a poppier edge and they immediately exploded into the album charts, peaking at #2. Fast forward 4 years and the band return with their third studio album, Gameshow, which in the aftermath of a mammoth release has expectations to meet. With the band now stadium fillers, can they deliver a record that warrants their continued rise? Having taken time away from the trio, the band return with a renewed vigour and if their addictive sound is anything to go by, a real zest for life. While the album is an addictive, up-tempo sonic experience, lyrically the boys remain unafraid to challenge society within their lyrics. Having already proved a hit on Radio 1 with their album’s opening track and lead single, Are We Ready? (Wreck), the band are determined to move their listeners’ minds as much as their bodies. As they question consumer culture, they […]