MUZICMIRROR UK BEST NEW TRAP AND HIP-HOP: ‘URBAN FU$E’ take us back to the original blues days, blended over penetrating Trap beats and a powerful spit on inventive new track ‘Trap Blues’

Do you ever get that feeling, when you’re listening to music and suddenly, it feels more like a wake-up call than an actual song? Like you’ve been living in a bubble, somewhere off in your own mind and then you hear this killer intro and it’s just like nothing you’ve ever heard before? That was exactly what I felt when I heard Urban Fu$e’s “Broke Blues”. I don’t remember how I came upon it, I just remember the sound blasting through my headphones and jolting me out of my sear. Like boy, I was not expecting that. And it wasn’t just the novelty or the obvious surprise of a song starting playing out of the blue. It’s the same feeling each time I re-listen to it. This tune has such a classy blues intro that you think you’ve been transported to this whole other place, somewhere back in the 50s, when they still used to play it like that. Not saying the tune is old, though, just that it puts you in mind of the glory days of blues music. A truly down and out tune that gets you thinking. About life, about luck, about hoping for a better day […]