Are You Ready for 144 Troy’s New Song: Wrong, or Right?

Who does not love 144 Troy? The guy is multi-talented a music magician. He can sing anything and everything, making it all sound effortless. What makes his work stand out are the beautiful tunes, soothing vocals, and meaningful lyrics that hit you hard. In addition, because of his uniqueness, 144 Troy has been able to gather a huge fan following in a limited time only. Let’s just say, he understands who the youngsters feel, giving words to emotions that have been left unexpressed for decades now. Is the New Song Worth Listening to? So, is Troy preparing a new composition to take his fans by storm? Most certainly, yes! His latest song revolves around modern relationships and why couples break up more often than before. Wrong or Right is a musical story about a couple that always fought. Where both blamed each other for the mistakes, never accepting their own or saying sorry. For them, their ego mattered the most and hence, it soon took over their love. This song is a shout-out to all those couples who have a tough time finding common grounds. Yes, it is hard to have different opinions and speak them out loud but when […]