Have you ever had a taste of that pure romantic-comedy love, where everything seems possible and too good to be true? Or have you ever been so torn and hopeful only for it to dwindle at the wrong time? Whether you have or you haven’t, Cisto, a rising Norwegian afro-beats singer breaks down the story behind his new song ‘Luv Killer’  and how being with the perfect someone but it coming to an end because of timing isn’t like you see it in the movies.

The ‘Africa Sauce’ artist’s new single ‘Luv Killer,’ that he’s collaborated with Yung Woods on,  another rising Norwegian artist best known for the hit ‘No Straight Lines,’ enlightens us on the story behind one of his deepest songs yet and how it’s shaped him into the man he is today.

First, let’s explore the lyrics and how they stitch into a blissful …

The story follows a younger Cisto at the club partying and not expecting anything out of it but fun and memories. However, Cisto meets a young woman with who he shares a spontaneous few hours of getting to know her and jelling with her vibe. The young curious humans date, like many, do when they fall in love. They eventually fall in love and have the most amazing times of their life, everything is perfect, the world is great and nothing could ever tear these young love birds apart.

Fast forward a few months and Cisto’s soulmate gets an amazing opportunity to study abroad in San Francisco, they talk things out and assure each other that long distances can work and all it is them pushing each other to chase their ambition. However, as weeks and months pass things are hard like many couples and as young adults, it’s hard to handle so they eventually decide to call it quits- dealing with the long distance was something they found really hard to do within the time differences especially.

Cisto was crushed, everything that was a part of his normal daily life was taken from him, and this resulted in him hibernating to the studio and putting his emotions and feelings into lyrics, four years giving you the mesmerising melody that is Luv Killer.

Luv Killer is the perfect song for anyone in or out of a relationship it explores the effects of ending mutually as last resort, it’s unique, fresh and extremely hip, the perfect blend, chilled late-night drive or shower karaoke song if that’s you’re thing.

And the best news yet, ‘Luv Killer’ is out now! Perfect timing for all you single ladies, men or anyone who loves vibey hip hop, you need to listen to this song and open your mind to the break ups songs that don’t have to be all about toxic ex’s.