Making noise out of Richmond, VA, USA rapper Troy (formerly known as JrdaRappr) drops his latest single All We Got is This featuring Chicago’s own Mick Jenkins and produced by Mos Poetick and Namebrand. The theme of All We Got is This articulates how black America is forced to cope with their oppression with minimal and further crippling resources.

As Mick Jenkins emotionlessly states on the hook, “All we got is weed (little bit of weed) / Something on the drink / Can’t afford a shrink…” An additional theme weaved throughout All We Got is This is the lack of relatability, understanding and concern America has for the oppression and violence black Americans endures. Accordingly, Troy embodies this message in the lyric “Ain’t no houses getting built on top of affordable apartments/ Ain’t nobody shoot your partner/ Nigga you don’t feel this.”

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