After opening for industry titans like ‘Joyner Lucas’ and ‘Waka Flocka’, ILEONE & Outlook the Rapper drop ‘Candy Trip’ just in time for Halloween

ILEONE & Outlook the Rapper’s ‘Candy Trip’ is a haunting banger that’s set to take over your Halloween season. This unlikely duo pairs trap with conscious hip hop to create their own unique sound. From collaborating with popular artists like Dax, to opening for industry titans like Joyner Lucas and Waka Flocka, these up and coming artists are capturing a lot of people’s attention. The trippy instrumental is masterfully paired with mind-bending vocals and a chant-like hook which takes the listener down a truly psychedelic path. Guided by the hard-hitting drums and ghastly piano loop of the beat, the rapid-fire flow of the verses make ‘Candy Trip’ the perfect Halloween banger.” LISTEN AND PRE-SAVE ONLINE:

Taking the reins on Hip Hop with a clear, refreshing sound, ‘Deson Teninchy’ unleashes ‘Excellent Servant’

In an industry of muddled beats and unimaginative rap, “Excellent Servant” by Brooklyn rapper Deson Teninchy is a breath of fresh air. “Excellent Servant” is a dynamic song about making money, but not letting money make you. His lyrics are diverse, clever, and far ahead of the current hip hop game. With his aggressive delivery, Deson came to impress with “Excellent Servant”. “Excellent Servant” is one of those rare songs that takes hold of the listener and demands their attention. Deson Teninchy, of Estate Entertainment, uses his Brooklyn background to ground him and drive his bold sound. “Excellent Servant” opens a new lane in the realm of mainstream rap/hip hop, one where artists such as Deson are taking the reins with a clear, refreshing sound. ONLINE: Listen to it here: Find Deson and his label, Estate Entertainment, on Instagram @desonteninchy @estateent