MUZICMIRROR BRAND NEW POP ROCK 2020: ‘By Small Ruin’ is an anagram for ‘Bryan Mullis’ who releases a glowing, driving and melodic single that assures us ‘All Is Well’

By Small Ruin’s melodies have reached the edges of the earth as Bryan Mullis’ spontaneous travels and adventurous experiences became a staple of inspiration in his music. By Small Ruin is an anagram for Bryan Mullis. keeping his music and lifestyle as true to self as possible. Busking since high school, the college dropout has made his way across the country playing to anyone who listened. His talent and dedication lead to sharing the stage with artists like DAWES, WILD and Briston Maroney. As a teen, one of Bryan’s favourite activities with his friends was climbing water towers and hanging upside down from the top by only their knees. Bryan was notorious for doing what he wanted, when he wanted, including sneaking out of his parent’s house and hitch-hiking a 10-hour ride to Florida to surprise his girlfriend on the beach. More recently, Bryan’s brother almost lost his life in a car accident. Dealing with those feelings inspired his musical journey that brought him unforetold adventures. He often tells the story of being attacked in a convenience store which “lead to a full-fledged movie-like fight that included knocking over shelves and throwing beer bottles. The store was destroyed.” ‘By Small […]

Ominous chords, thumping kicks and a direct and upfront spit, it’s time for ‘C-bz’ to drop his ‘Big Bank’ and show UK Trap rappers the right way!

Ominous chords, thumping kicks and a direct and upfront spit, it’s time for ‘C-bz’ to drop his ‘Big Bank’ and show UK Trap rappers the right way! – Muzicmirror Christopher Banks is an American recording artist from Chicago, Illinois known as C-bz. The previous album from C-bz was entitled ‘N my eyez’ and debuted in 2019. Now dropping in 2020 the hot new single from C-bz is entitled ‘Big Bank’ and is taken from his upcoming album ‘Booth Muzic’. When asked about his music manifesto and influences, C-bz spits “My musical influences come from the 90s hip hop era and the artist I’m most compared to and look up to is Jay-Z”. The latest single from C-bz entitled ‘Big Bank’ is already on heavy Radio rotation on Kiss 104.7 fm Atlanta. With already released popular rap streaming albums like ‘Sagittarius’ and ‘N My eyez’, C-bz is set to rise in the global rap world with his original spit, lyrics and passionate delivery. ONLINE: Instagram Facebook

‘Patty Melt’ deliver a chugging rock meets rap anthem with true grit be prepared to take ‘Caution’

Patty Melt a.k.a Hunter Wright is a diverse, inventive, genre fusing rapper, artist and creator who drops his upfront and powerful new single ‘Caution’. When asked about the Story behind the song, Patty Melt  states that “CAUTION” is a alternative rock/rap song to bang your head too”. Making waves and spitting bars to the top, Patty Melt proceeds to state in his musical manifesto that “I aim to be recognized as one of the great artist of our generation”. ‘Caution’ is produced by Sytematik. Patty Melt a.k.a Hunter Wright has been rapping and producing for 2 years, developing and nurturing his own unique blend of rock and rap fused with strong lyrical content. Speaking about his ability to fuse genres, create rhymes and new sounds, Patty Melt  states that “I have more songs that cross pop, rap and lyrical based rap, along with some muddy Atlanta sounds”. ONLINE: Instagram Soundcloud

‘Dance’ (DJ C.A.) is the new single from prolific creators Jonathan and Konstantin of ‘N2BLÜ’

‘Dance’ is the new single from prolific creators Jonathan and Konstantin of ‘N2BLÜ’ – Muzicmirror The incredible N2BLÜ return with their original electronic pop flavour on their powerful new release entitled ‘’Dance’ (DJ C.A.).  When N2BLÜ were asked about the real life story behind the song ‘Dance’ they said “We dedicate this song to the memory of Chris Allen Mason (DJ C.A.). Chris was one of my (Jonathan) best friends, a fantastic DJ, and one of the reasons I am still making music today. This song is a celebration of our friendship & mutual love, music. Chris helped me during one of the darker times in my life and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. His catchphrase, “Life may not always be the party you had hoped for, but while you’re here, you might as well dance!” is what this song is all about”. N2BLÜ who have recently released a string of Independent hit releases are a creative and inventive dance pop duo with a very strong lyrical outlet hidden in their shiny pop sensibility. When asked about the production and creation of the track ‘Dance’ they revealed that “Jay is the Artist/songwriter/singer and Kosat is the […]

Inspired in the Valley of the Gods, ‘Santo and the People’ takes us on a brand ‘New Ride’

A new ride is a new way. When your heart feels pulled in every direction, looking in + making new choices. A new ride is changing what you can + letting go of what you can’t. A new ride is being better to yourself + (thus!) to others. New Ride is an old beat I found on my computer that turned into a spontaneous collaboration with my brother, Julian. A new ride is shining your(!) light + loving all this precious time we have together. Every day. Make your way. In the Valley of the Gods, Utah, SANTO was born. 25-year-old songwriter, producer, artist Jacob Klein rambled from one side of the United States to the other and back again on a journey of self-discovery. While driving back, 200 miles into the Utah-desert, Jacob pulled over to set up camp in the Valley of the Gods. That night, with midnight-howling-winds and stars piercing the sky, risen from the ashes, Jacob died and SANTO emerged. In his various projects, Jacob had performed with the likes of Maroon 5 and Selena Gomez, worked with Elliot Smith-producer Larry Crane, received guidance from Kanye West and Beyonce-collaborator Malik Yusef, and mentored in song writing […]

FR3SHGANG let loose the up-tempo, vibrant, twerking smash hit ‘Tori Don Change’

FR3SHGANG let loose the up-tempo, vibrant, twerking smash hit ‘Tori Don Change’ – Muzicmirror FR3SHGANG is an original music group based in Cameroon. They have a focus on blurring the lines between a wide range of musical style and creative ideas. Their songs are rooted in genres as diverse as Afro-beat, Hip-Hop and even Afro-Trap, going for a very innovative feel. They often combine different languages in their songs as well, showcasing lyrics in French and English, and giving their songs an even broader appeal, setting the bar higher and reaching out to a worldwide audience. With such a fresh combination of influences, it is not at all surprising to see that FR3SHGANG is quickly building a strong audience for themselves, and they are quickly becoming rising stars on the international music scene. One of the first things that you will notice when listening to the group’s music is definitely the high quality of the production in their songs. It is not always easy to blend a wide variety of musical styles together so successfully, but it is really a seamless process for FR3SHGANG. Their tracks are particularly notable for the intricacy and punch of their beats. On one hand, […]

‘Silent Disco Sex’ are an alternative and expressive outfit with a 90’s ‘Curve’ Meets ‘Garbage’ on holiday with an epic, tripped out slower paced Nine Inch Nails vibe! Check out ‘Shapeshifters’

An alternative and expressive outfit with a 90’s ‘Curve’ Meets ‘Garbage’ on holiday with an epic, tripped out slower paced Nine Inch Nails vibe – Musicmirror Silent Disco Sex are back from a journey to the dark side as they release the captivating, atmospheric, trippy and mesmerising ‘Shapeshifters’ Silent Disco Sex are a pioneering new alternative electronic duo who have just released their epic ‘Shapeshifters’ single and cinematic music video. The incredible and film-noir esque video derives from and reflects on real life experiences of childhood trauma, abandonment, sexual abuse, drug abuse, sobriety, inner strength, clarity and regaining your power. This dynamic, arty and inventive duo recently stated in their musical manifesto and vision that “We would like to really show and help others who feel like they are just completely screwed in a dark place and feel that their self-worth is non-existent. We want to show them that NONE of that is real. You make your own reality and have to take the steps to visualize that”. Describing the cure to these life defects, addictions, illnesses, tests, circumstances and ailments, the duo said “It’s a battle every day and those problems try their best to shapeshift masking themselves in […]

United Nations ambassador and one of Africa’s top female artists ‘Nomina’ releases an epic, classy and stylish music video to accompany her sweet as sugar ‘Fetish Daddy’

One of Africa’s top female artists ‘Nomina’ releases an epic, classy and stylish music video to accompany her sweet as sugar ‘Fetish Daddy’ – Muzicmirror UK Let’s face it – we all love music that tells a story, but at the same time sounds really great. Whether it’s a smooth-flowing love song, a growing up story or indeed, a heavier subject, it fills you with the most incredible feeling, when told right. One such song is Nomina’s brand new single “Fetish Daddy”, a mesmerizing track that almost forces you to sit still and pay attention. Zimbabwe-born and now residing in Germany, Nomina is the ambassador for the “United Nation World Peace Berlin”, and as such, she’s a young woman on a mission. “Fetish Daddy” has remarkably upbeat vibes and an easy-flowing melody, almost deceivingly so, for in truth, it deals with one of the most serious and upsetting issue of our world – that of sexual abuse, something that millions of girls face today. The music video, in particular, illustrates this really well. It tells the story of a man who objectifies the women around them, treating them as little more than sexual playthings. It also tells the story of […]

‘Tez Nubian Queen’ drops some old-school ‘80s and ‘90s vibes with new single ‘Voodoo’

The esoteric beats of Tez Nubian Queen’s latest hit single, ‘Voodoo’, hit you right in the chest and force you to wake up and truly listen to the sounds coming out of your speakers. Combined with Tez’s hauntingly beautiful voice, the melody carries you down a smooth flow, reminiscent of that old school blues and R&B. A true, thoroughbred love song, ‘Voodoo’ makes you feel a wide array of sentiments – from her Tez’s own private insecurity, to the arduous, all-consuming adoration and devotion for the person she’s serenading. ‘Voodoo’ also has a really pleasant way of pairing Tez’s soft, melodious voice with a hip hop beat and a male voice, rapping in the background, thus giving it the perfect balance between mellow and rough, making it a fast favourite for both the ‘lighter’ crowds, as well as those who prefer a tougher, street-edge to their music. The Nubian Queen’s song, ‘Voodoo’, true to its’ name creates an overall mystical atmosphere for the listener, while at the same time carrying old-school ‘80s and ‘90s vibes, but putting a more modern span on them. It’s Whitney Houston meets Alicia Keys meets… well, you, right this second, because Tez’s music has that […]

‘Presto X’ knows how to produce a catchy smooth pop hit as he releases ‘My Way’

”Presto X’ knows how to produce a catchy smooth pop hit as he releases ‘My Way” – Muzicmirror UK What do Political Science and Music have in common? Bet you didn’t see that one coming, but I promise you it’s an exciting answer. Can’t guess it? That’s alright. It’s Presto X. That’s right, Presto X, also known as Prince Young, is an up-and-coming young musician, hailing from the very heart of the wonderfully musical city of Chicago, and he’s coming at us with his latest pop track, “My Way”. Twenty-two-year-old Presto’s excitement and passion for making quality music can be heard in every beat of the song. With its’ catchy nature and its’ smooth, simplistic lyrics, “My Way” is the sort of track that just gets stuck in your head that goes heavy on the auto-tune. And while for some songs, that can mean instant failure, for Presto’s recent hit, it works wonders, complimenting his flowing, melodic voice and the repetitive nature of the song itself. “My Way” makes you think of the sound of waves breaking on the shore, and like the waves of the sea or the ocean, it manages to put you at ease, and helps you […]