The esoteric beats of Tez Nubian Queen’s latest hit single, ‘Voodoo’, hit you right in the chest and force you to wake up and truly listen to the sounds coming out of your speakers. Combined with Tez’s hauntingly beautiful voice, the melody carries you down a smooth flow, reminiscent of that old school blues and R&B.

A true, thoroughbred love song, ‘Voodoo’ makes you feel a wide array of sentiments – from her Tez’s own private insecurity, to the arduous, all-consuming adoration and devotion for the person she’s serenading.

Voodoo’ also has a really pleasant way of pairing Tez’s soft, melodious voice with a hip hop beat and a male voice, rapping in the background, thus giving it the perfect balance between mellow and rough, making it a fast favourite for both the ‘lighter’ crowds, as well as those who prefer a tougher, street-edge to their music.

The Nubian Queen’s song, ‘Voodoo’, true to its’ name creates an overall mystical atmosphere for the listener, while at the same time carrying old-school ‘80s and ‘90s vibes, but putting a more modern span on them. It’s Whitney Houston meets Alicia Keys meets… well, you, right this second, because Tez’s music has that rare skill of connecting with the audience and making you feel as if she wrote it this song with you, specifically, in mind.

‘Voodoo’ is part of Tez’s EP, Mrs. Dunston, which she dedicates to her husband (which definitely explains where the besotted mood of this piece comes from). Although this particular album has, as one might expect, a focus on marital love and devotion (with such tracks as ‘Bleeding in Your Love’ and ‘Addicted’), Tez has demonstrated, in the past, her enormous musical skill and versatility.


With songs like ‘Thot Bitches’, the Queen has proved that she is not merely an excellent soul/blues singer, but a gifted hip-hop artist, as well. Tez, whose real name is Tezonia Quartman, is obviously very dedicated and very passionate about her music, never shying away from a challenge, and skilfully managing to express her feelings, be they love, or anger in her songs.