‘Keldamuzik’ scores huge placement deal with her single ‘I Don’t Care’

Music artist Keldamuzik is happy to announce the placement of her latest song “I Don’t Care” which was featured on Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. “I Don’t Care” is a single from her 4th album “Diva TV, ” which stemmed from her reality TV series that aired in the early 2000’s called Diva TV. Keldamuzik who has been in the music industry, has sought out different ways to promote her music, from licensing deals and collaborating with other brands. Both has done wonders for her career being an independent artist and not signed to a major label. In previous years Keldamuzik has had indie deals that she felt weren’t the right fit for her at the time, in 2011 she left label to pursue her own doings and started to allocate a marketing team around her to help push her career forward and polish her brand. In 2012 Keldamuzik toured in Tokyo opening for r&b singer Lloyd, which boosted her career to another level as an artist. Before then she toured throughout the Caribbean on different islands with reggae singer Jah Cure. The Diva is not green to music placement, her previous licensing deals include Oxygen’s channel Bad Girls […]

‘SheisL1’ bolts out a sizzling hot new release in the form of the ‘Love Surrender EP’

It’s not easy to create a song that’s both catchy, yet still manages to stay true to your unique style and passion. Many artists these days lose themselves and give in to the demands of the music world, sacrificing their creativity and uniqueness on the altar of mainstream success. But sometimes, once in a blue moon, you get an artist who didn’t sacrifice it, who managed to keep that special something in their sound that made them unlike any other. And yet somehow, they still find a way to be successful. One such artist is SheIsL1. A very interesting young artist, she divides her time between Florida and California at the moment, but wherever she is, one constant remains true – her unbending passion for music. SheIsL1 immediately strikes you as a strong spirit. She says she wouldn’t sing a song for the popularity, simply wouldn’t be able to do it if she didn’t feel it in her soul, and we believe her, because so far, all her tunes seem to have one thing in common – they are born out of an obvious, unquestionable love for music. Her most recent song, “Love Surrender”, is a truly remarkable piece that […]

MUZICMIRROR UK BEST NEW TRAP AND HIP-HOP: ‘URBAN FU$E’ take us back to the original blues days, blended over penetrating Trap beats and a powerful spit on inventive new track ‘Trap Blues’

Do you ever get that feeling, when you’re listening to music and suddenly, it feels more like a wake-up call than an actual song? Like you’ve been living in a bubble, somewhere off in your own mind and then you hear this killer intro and it’s just like nothing you’ve ever heard before? That was exactly what I felt when I heard Urban Fu$e’s “Broke Blues”. I don’t remember how I came upon it, I just remember the sound blasting through my headphones and jolting me out of my sear. Like boy, I was not expecting that. And it wasn’t just the novelty or the obvious surprise of a song starting playing out of the blue. It’s the same feeling each time I re-listen to it. This tune has such a classy blues intro that you think you’ve been transported to this whole other place, somewhere back in the 50s, when they still used to play it like that. Not saying the tune is old, though, just that it puts you in mind of the glory days of blues music. A truly down and out tune that gets you thinking. About life, about luck, about hoping for a better day […]