Interview: Zpextre

Zpextre, Can you tell us about your latest single, Save it for the Kids?       As a child, I was able to dream and imagine my future.  Innocence allowed me to wander through the development of my mind to be who I am today.  I wrote Save It For the Kids on March 15th 2020  as Trump continued to sell out the country for his political and financial gain.  I wanted to scream out to the world Save It For The Kids!  Save their innocence.  Save the environment. Save this Democracy. Save this trust that we have in humanity!        It takes a lifetime to build a home, but a single day to tear it down!   More criminal than all the countless institutions that he destroyed, is his blatant disregard for the social contracts that we have inplace.  In this case, the innocence of children is something that we all subconsciously agree upon.  That is, until Trump. Is there a story behind the single? The imagery of the song is reminiscent of a time I brought my 6 year old niece to a protest in San Francisco. On our way there, the bus door opens and so do the things in […]