Outstanding Members Entertainment releases Pandemic Mixtape featuring five generations of music on one mixtape

Old-school and new-school rap music featured on incredible new release by Chicago group July 21, 2021; Chicago, IL – Outstanding Members Entertainment has officially released the all-new Pandemic Mixtape. The Chicago-based rap group features a who’s who list of members including Loot, BMG, Drillz Millz, N-Doe, Redd Dogg, Mooskie 200, Lil Fame, Baby Goat, Lil 40 Krugerman, Savage Lyfe, and Chuck A Luck. Founded in 2006, Outstanding Members has been a key player in the American rap and hip-hop scene. The Pandemic Mixtape features five generations of music on one incredible mixtape. Listeners have a variety of rap music to enjoy from old-school hip-hop to new-school tracks. Outstanding Members dropped the Pandemic Mixtape on July 16 and made it available via Youtube or Outstandingmembers.com Outstanding Members is one of Chicago’s longest serving rap groups. According to the members, the rap group is one “big family”. While many rap groups throw around the term “family”, Outstanding Members means it as the group is either related through familial ties or long-time friendships. Each member of the rap group adds to lyrics, music, production, and engineering to the mixtape making it a fully collaborative effort. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing in the United […]