With a potent formula that’s ready to be heard by the masses, ‘The Venomous Chemist’ drops new track ‘Data Access’

Washington D.C’s ‘The Venomous Chemist’ has always had a way with words. Lyrically methodical and a natural storyteller, his sound is built around an ethos of narrative-first lyrics and an expertly curated flow.Growing up in a city where violence, drugs, and poverty were a harsh reality, The Venomous Chemist relied on music and his personal experiences to morph negatives into positives. His debut album ‘Paradox Motif’ was received well, leading him to be featured on WUSA9 news DMVSoundcheck segment for an exclusive interview. He’s also featured on radio stations across the country solidifying him as an International artist, with ‘Audacious Mentality’, ‘Dawn Of Day’ and ‘Like Water’ all featured on Radio Indie International Network’s ‘Top 10 Countdown songs of the week’. His new single ‘Data Access’ mirrors a perfect reflection of his unique style as the song was written in a dungeon like basement and he wanted to capture the energy and vision that impaled his enigmatic inspiration!In addition, The Venomous Chemist is the CEO of his own independent record label, Paradox Records. It’s safe to say that this chemist has found his potent formula that’s ready to be heard by the masses. Online: Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/officialtvc/Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/KvngChemist/Spotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/artist/1plstd6aR3ygIR2mtSTGgH?si=Fg2PE7LZTyW2-qEKfqlfKA&dl_branch=1Websitehttps://www.paradoxrecordsdc.com/Soundcloudhttp://soundcloud.com/TheVenomousChemistYoutubehttps://youtube.com/channel/UCqKxtCkiiOvPpsvbIlU9Y7wWhere To Buy Musichttps://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/thevenomouschemist1/paradox-motif

Getting respect ‘JRR TECH’ drops new single ‘Mayday’

‘Mayday’ is the new single from JRR TECH. JRR TECH is a 19 year Albanian from Brooklyn who was born in the Bronx. The new single ‘Mayday’ is about a story that the artist has seen or heard story’s of. He says “The story is about a few kids that got tired of always getting played around with and not getting no respect until one day he decided to get the respect he earned and faced the consequences”. JRR TECH is influenced by artists like lil wanye, 50 cent, lil durk, lil baby and pop smoke. He says “This single was Recorded in the basement. Started music we got a story to tell trying to show that anything you want you can have. The music comes on depending on the mood if we with the bros we just pull up to a studio and just get busy but when it be planned like I know what flow I’m coming in on” Online: https://music.apple.com/us/album/mayday-single/1577878375https://youtu.be/Gkb_ilLmHyM

‘Maria Rodhe’ Releases a brand-new EP: Happy Ending

Maria Rodhe is an artist who recently put out a new release into the world. The new project is titled Happy Ending and it feels like a perfect blend of some of the artist’s main musical influences like mid tempo pop but with a depth. However, Maria managed to develop a distinctive, personal sound that’s hard to tie into specific categories. This is definitely a no-brainer for you if you are a fan of artists that make it difficult to put a finger on them. Originality is key to innovation and with this EP, it’s impossible not to appreciate the original vision that drive Maria’s music. Each song brings something different to the table and the EP offers so much throughout the span of four insightful studio tracks. If you are a fan of artists like Zara Larsson, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd to name a few we would warmly recommend listening to this release. This release stands out as a great introduction to Maria’s music and it is definitely a premonition of great things to come. Find out more about Maria and do not miss out on Happy Ending, which is currently available on all digital platforms. Maria Rodhe is […]

From Soul, Latin, RnB to Funk, Kaye-Ree drops her latest single ‘Bigger Picture’

Caught between two cultures, born as the daughter of a Persian father and a German mother, Kaye-Ree’s artist soul finds her home mostly in music and its different forms of expression. The feeling of not belonging to one culture in particular becomes an instrument that gives her the ability to harness creativity from other cultures. Her biggest idols were Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill, India.Arie and Stevie Wonder – who she has sang for in a background choir in 2013. But her personal growth led to finding her own unique style. Getting into different languages, also e.g. American and Persian literature and also the cooperation with the classical guitarist Felix Justen, formed those influences, mixed with her Soul/HipHop background into a very unique style that an American journalist called “Global Funk & Soul”. Her upcoming album „#Growth“ is her third, independently produced in Frankfurt, Germany, on our heart‘s frequency, 432Hz. It takes you on a journey through different genres, from Soul, Latin, RnB to Funk and lets you get a glimpse of what made Kaye-Ree the artist, woman, mother and spirit she grew into and what she went through. Her second single „Bigger Picture“ is inspired by […]