This new LGBTQ+ artist is about to take over the world

It took years and years for the LGBT community to be recognized as a “community” as a whole. In addition, all the praise goes to artists and celebrities that came out with their true identities to support their community. Thus, understanding the community of these amazing beings needed a voice that reached the top of the patriarchy and was heard, Damag3 promised to make their songs that and took the notion forward. The amazing hip-hop singer has been winning hearts with their beautiful musical creations, becoming not just popular within the LGBT community but also the world over. Damag3’s songs are meaningful and give you a harsh reality check, piercing through the heart like an arrow. Hence, this year, Damag3 has come up with another splendid piece of music, a song that goes by the name, “What Happen3d?” Are you excited about it? You should be! “What Happen3d”- What is the Song About? Damag3 teamed up with another rising star, Pertinence to create a collaboration that will rock the world. This song talks about life and where it took you. It takes you through the journey of hardships, struggles, and patience that people like Damag3 have through. “What Happen3d” is […]

NXTFRIDAY went from sleeping rough on his boys couch to building his name in his city as an “Artist To Watch” as he drops hot new material

NXTFRIDAY went from sleeping rough on his boys couch to building his name in his city as an “Artist To Watch” The Arab-American star tells us the story of his hard-earned success. At the age of 17, Friday was thrown out of his parents’ house for repeatedly breaking his curfew. For months he was living with his boy who soon became his manager, staying with friends when he could and working in a grocery store to make ends meet. His rebellious streak first started to cause problems two years earlier, when he’d begun skipping class to smoke with his friends and work on his music. Keep an eye out on this young star that’s been making his mark on the music industry. Online: Soundcloud: :

Strong, empowering and full of sass, Rnb and Hip-Hop songstress ‘Khalaqa’ releases ‘Egypt’

Based out of Valdosta, Georgia, a town recognized for its hard-working spirit, resides Rnb and Hip-Hop songstress, Khalaqa. A fresh face to the scene but one who is intent on claiming her place as one of Georgia’s rising stars, Khalaqa has been busy setting the wheels in motion for her debut EP, ‘Egypt’. The title track of the EP, serves as the first single. The track opens up with lines of playful, optimistic pianos that set the stage for Khalaqa’s soulful vocals to bounce atop of. The lyrics detail a story of female independence — it’s strong, empowering and full of sass that Khalaqa will undoubtedly go on to be known for. In her words, “there’s more to life than worrying about an ex”. “The EP represents the stages of a breakup. Instead of being depressed and crying, people should change their priorities and boss up. Get your money and do you”. Khalaqa is currently under the guidance of super-producer, Christopher Starr (Founder, and CEO of CSP Music Group) who leads a team of diverse industry professionals that have assisted in the sales of over 350 million records. With a powerhouse team behind her, and Khalaqa’s raw talent to back […]