It took years and years for the LGBT community to be recognized as a “community” as a whole. In addition, all the praise goes to artists and celebrities that came out with their true identities to support their community.

Thus, understanding the community of these amazing beings needed a voice that reached the top of the patriarchy and was heard, Damag3 promised to make their songs that and took the notion forward.

The amazing hip-hop singer has been winning hearts with their beautiful musical creations, becoming not just popular within the LGBT community but also the world over. Damag3’s songs are meaningful and give you a harsh reality check, piercing through the heart like an arrow.

Hence, this year, Damag3 has come up with another splendid piece of music, a song that goes by the name, “What Happen3d?” Are you excited about it? You should be!

“What Happen3d”- What is the Song About?

Damag3 teamed up with another rising star, Pertinence to create a collaboration that will rock the world. This song talks about life and where it took you. It takes you through the journey of hardships, struggles, and patience that people like Damag3 have through.

“What Happen3d” is a piece of musical poetry that takes you on the roller coaster of emotions, giving an insight into how life has been for the singer and the LGBT community. How they were tortured by the narcissist, loathed by the majority, and looked upon with disgust.

But, these amazing people never gave up on their efforts and patience even in tough times like these. Which is why now they are being recognized as a whole community and are on the verge of enjoying equal human rights.

What happened when no one believed you? What happened when no one understood how you felt about your identity? What happened when you were thrown out on the street and cursed because you were “different”? 

This song by Damag3 and Pertinence voices the thoughts, troubles, pain, and struggles of the people who were not only fighting a war with the world only but also within their inner self at the same tie.

A Songs About “You”

Who knew that one day a youngster from New Orleans will use their gift to become a voice of a community that has been by far been rejected and loathed by the world. Damag3 put their skills, talent, and brilliance into creating musical masterpieces that will be remembered throughout history.

Thus, if you have always been an avid supporter or fan of Damag3, the new song “What Happen3d” is sure to send a chill down your spine. Pertinence and Damag3 have done a fabulous job with the song, cleverly crocheting the troubles of the LGBT community and the challenges of life with music. The lyrics are powerful with meanings that will make you teary-eyed. Thus, if you have been through a lot in life, the song “What Happen3d” might help you find some peace because remember, time never remains the same forever!