After their immense world tour, German gothic metal band MONO INC return in style with new single and EP ‘Lieb Mich’.

EP brings together the band’s latest singles, previews from the upcoming album Ravenblack. German gothic metal band MONO INC. released the single “Lieb Mich”, in which they presents fans with yet another dark and captivating work from its vast repertoire full of classics. The track arrived on digital streaming platforms in EP format, also bringing the previous singles “Heartbeat of the Dead”, “Empire” and “Princess of the Night”. All tracks from the Lieb Mich EP will be featured on Ravenblack, the group’s long-awaited 12th studio album, which will be available on streaming platforms in January 2023. The single “Lieb Mich” brings a memorable sound and chorus with the characteristic beat of the German ensemble and received a music video version, available on the group’s youtube channel. Another track from the EP, “Empire”, according to singer Martin Engler, brings a message of conquering dreams if you believe that it is possible to overcome challenges. The acclaimed “Princess of the Night” talks about the endless love and the duality that this feeling can create in the human being. Featured on digital platforms, “Heartbeat of the Dead” is another single that shows a new facet, while delivering the music expected by its longtime […]

‘Mr.Reaper’ takes you on an adventure where you can smoke, drink and ride, as you listen to his new single ‘Come Follow Me And We Ride’.

‘Come Follow Me And We Ride’ is the new single from ‘Mr.Reaper’. The new single ‘Come Follow Me And We Ride’ is an ultimate summer chill song that takes you on an adventure where you can smoke, drink and ride to. Fusing hard hitting rap rhymes to infectious beats. Mr.Reaper is an emerging hip hop artist from Woodbridge, VA looking to make his mark on the music industry. Online: Spotify Song Link: Song Link: Media LinksInstagram:

‘Anacy’ is set to become a household name as she drops new single ‘It’s Not You’.

Cape Town based indie pop female singer Anacy has been releasing a selection of singles over the last few years slowly cementing her as a true indie visionary and each single solidifies her undeniable talent and passion for her art. Having recently signed a publishing and distribution deal with Gallo Record Company and CCA (Content Direct Africa), Anacy is finding the vehicle she needs to hone her talent and find her real voice. Already with an established fanbase and previous radio success with her single ‘My Sweet Lullaby’ – Anacy is set to become a household name. The new single has been sitting in her musical archives waiting to be born at the right time. Anacy notes – “This single has been a long and slow process. It was the first single I actually started recording for the EP (March 2021). However due to grieving the loss of several loved ones last year I ended up putting it on hold and focusing on other singles, ‘My Sweet Lullaby’ and ‘Dance Better That Way’, as a form of therapeutic catharsis”. I started working on ‘It’s Not You’ again at the beginning of this year. I completely altered and transformed the production […]

Presenting a futuristic, cyberpunk-inspired vision of Cape Town, South Africa, Watch the video for “Do I Really Wanna Know?” from Lenoy Barkai’s debut album, ‘Paper Crown’.

Do I Really Wanna Know?” is the first single to be released from Lenoy Barkai’s debut album, Paper Crown. The song juxtaposes rock instrumentation over classical vocal lines, experiments with vocal synths and follows an untraditional structure. “It is definitely the track where I set out to try something new and pushed myself further beyond my comfort zone than I had with any songs I’d written previously. And it ended up being one of my favourites, and most fun to record. So even though it has a distinct character that stands somewhat apart from rest of the album, I was really excited to share it and chose to release it first,” says Lenoy. The track draws inspiration from a diverse array of artists, such as Kimbra, Portishead, early Muse and Radiohead. “Most profoundly I was inspired by the iconic South African band Lark. I remember being mesmerised by the band in my early twenties and I still return to it often. Back then, as a student of classical music, I was excited by the prospect of combining classical vocal lines with rock or electronic instrumentation and I don’t think anyone had ever achieved that with the level of originality and […]

The new single “Tell Me You Love Me” from ‘Alley’ transcends all age groups and genders.

Meet Alice Jacob aka Alley, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and CEO of Alice Jacob Productions, LLC. Alice was born in India but came to America at the early age of 2. She grew up in a quintessential small town in upstate, New York. Her backdrop was of rolling hills and side-by-side farms. As a child, Alice’s imagination grew to have a passion for the arts. She exudes in theater, screenwriting, romantic comedies, and action adventures. While attending theater classes at her local community college, Alice was cast as an extra in a high-profile featured film, The Accidental Husband starring Uma Thurman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Colin Firth, Isabella Rossellini, and Sam Shepard. The lights and cameras exposed Alice to another side of Manhattan. Alice attends screenwriting 1 and 2 at Gotham writers’ workshop. She continues her focus and grind and lands an agent and penned comic book and action-adventure stories. She authored a romantic comedy novel entitled, Gypsy Island. At that time in her life, Alice worked in the medical field. But fate has it; she lost her job as an LPN nurse. Something inside of her told her to “write songs…” “Write songs.” This started her journey of creating music and […]

‘Handsum Santiago’ is back with new single ‘Mucho Loco’ that has a fun Spanish Latino salsa vibe you can dance too and party all night long.

Hailing from Charleston, SC, Handsum Santiago has been an eminent force in music since his 2020 debut. Known for his catchy and creative style, his music has transcended genres and currently exists between categories, including; R&B, Pop, and Rap, among others. The new single from Handsum Santiago is entitled ‘Mucho Loco’. The incredible new single ‘Mucho Loco’ was created with a fun Spanish Latino salsa vibe you can dance too and party all night long. It puts you in a mindset to be in Miami or Central America living it up on a hold different Level and watching the Mamacitas drive you mucho loco. Currently signed to Santiago Música Group, Santiago has released several other singles, celebrated newly gained freedoms and demonstrated how easy it is for one to exploit talent. His discography features tracks such as; “Desperate Love (2022),” “Make You My Wife (2022),” & “COVID-19 (2020),” among many other favorites. Over the past two years, he has collaborated with several artists like; C.A.P, Mary Dennis, Fantasy, and Angelica. Online: Artist Official Website: Stream and follow all:

Learning his craft listening to an old stereo system, singer/songwriter ‘Rey.Ant’ puts out new single ‘The One’.

‘The One’ is the new single from Rey.Ant. Rey.Ant is a singer/songwriter originally from Washington, DC but now based in Atlanta, Ga. Rey.Ant spent time as a teenager just listening to slow jams in his living room on and old stereo system that looked like long dresser. Rey.Ant is a huge Michael Jackson fan, as well as The Force MD’s , Jodeci , New Edition, The Debarge, and so many others like Stephanie Mills. He Says “I was to busy trying to be like Mike instead of whom I’m created to be”. Online: Linktree Instagram@rey_ant2616Facebook To Buy Your

Capturing Deson Teninchy’s passion and somewhat aggressive lyrical delivery, Check out his new album ‘First Supper’.

‘First Supper’ is the new album from ‘Deson Teninchy’ on the Estate Entertainment label. Brooklyn, NY, recording artist, composer, performer, producer, and street poet Deson Teninchy’s latest album titled “First Supper” has been officially released through Estate Entertainment and has already demonstrated the initial signs of impact within the entertainment industry. According to the label’s representative, Nicole White, while this album is intended to be construed as somewhat unorthodox by hip-hop aficionados, the artist’s and label’s goal was to appeal to a more conscious listening target. “We’ve tried to capture DESON’s passion and somewhat aggressive lyrical delivery on ‘First Supper’ to counterbalance it with its underlying wit, metaphors, and the strength of an inner-city point of view within its content.” Hailing from Hip-Hop’s core, Brooklyn, NY, comes multi-talented musician DESON TENINCHY, aka Devon. Gifted with many talents, TENINCHY has worn many hats in the music entertainment industry, from Hip-Hop music artists to rappers, poets, music producers, and pop musicians. As an artist, TENINCHY has worked with various Hip-Hop heavyweights. Some would call TENINCHY a street poet, while others say he’s a bit unorthodox. But, that makes his music relevant and resonates with various communities. As a product of his environment, […]

In search of positive melodic storylines ? Check out the new single ‘Ghost In Your Head’ from ‘AnoTribe’ off his new hard rock album ‘Songs From My Head’.

‘Ghost In Your Head’ is the new single from ‘AnoTribe’ taken from his new album ‘Songs From My Head’. Both the 13 track album & the single have a consistent hopeful ANGER lyrically about the world today. Musically it easy to embrace the driving riff-heavy guitars and mix of drums/beats making sure HARD ROCK lives on!! AnoTribe is a creator of musical short stories w/ HEAVY RIFF laden lines and GREAT BEATS. His sound delivers the raw emotion of a skeptical mind in search of positive melodic storylines. AnoTribe plays all instruments, sings all vocals as well as arranges all drums/beats. All tracks are written, recorded & mixed by the AnoTribe in his two studios. Online: https://www.anotribe.com