C.Ka is an upcoming musician from the GTA.  His goal as a songwriter has always been to write music that is meaningful to people all across the world that is also exciting and new.  As an upcoming artist he plans to change the notion that music is losing its deeper meaning by creating music that is relatable and truthful.

​His first single “Wild and Free” was recently released to all major musical platforms. Written with a reggaeton feel, “Wild and Free” is a song written with the summer in mind for everyone who likes to party. “Wild and Free” is currently getting radio play on multiple U.S. radio stations and is starting to break out in the Canadian radio scene as well.

C.Ka is currently working on releasing two more singles: “That Girl” ft. Hazard and “Keep Moving On”. The soon to be released “That Girl” ft. Hazard keeps up the summer vibe with another reggaeton song. Hazard makes a solid appearance on the track which solidifies the summer song feel.

Switching up the style to keep things fresh, “Keep Moving On” is about C.Ka’s real life journey through being diagnosed with cancer. His hope is that “Keep Moving On” will motivate other people going through similar struggles to continue to fight and win their own battles.

C.Ka soon plans to release a full album of original music written in a variety of styles to show the world what a Canadian-born artist is capable of.


C.Ka was born in on August 23rd, 1992. He started his musical journey at the age of 4 when he began taking vocal lessons in his hometown of Whitby, Ontario. He progressed to the piano at the age of 7 which gave him the required tools to start writing his own music. He then wrote his first piano composition at the age of 8 which ignited his passion for writing music.

From there C.Ka moved on to writing music for a wider range of instruments. He wrote and conducted his first concert band arrangement at the age of 14 which was performed by his high school band at Donald A. Wilson Secondary School. During his time in high school he also began performing as a tuba player with the Whitby Brass Band which has been part of the Whitby community for over 150 years. However, his main performance focus was always the piano. C.Ka is an accomplished pianist through the Royal Conservatory of Music, having received first class honours on his Grade 10 piano performance exam in 2009. Using these skills he has experience teaching private piano, vocal and brass lessons at Long & McQuade. He currently works as a music teacher with the Durham District School Board but is looking to pursue his personal music career full time.

C.Ka continues to write concert band music to this day, most notably being commissioned to write a piece of music to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his high school music program in 2016.

Upon graduating high school C.Ka accepted the Istvan and Beate Anhalt Entrance Scholarship to Queen’s University, a scholarship given to students that show promise in composing. During his time at Queen’s University he wrote multiple pieces of music in a variety of styles and for a variety of instruments. He also performed in the school orchestra, the concert band, as a piano soloist and as a sousaphone player with the Queen’s Bands Marching Band. It was at this time in his musical career that he also began to write more mainstreamed music for piano and voice. It is this style of music that C.Ka is now looking to share with the world, using his extensive knowledge of music theory to write music in the pop genre.

In the summer of 2016, C.Ka was faced with a very personal challenge. On the day of his 24th birthday he received a call from his doctor to inform him that he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer. What ensued was a year long battle with the disease, starting with a surgery to remove a malignant tumour. After a short 5 month period of being in remission, he was then re-diagnosed with the disease which had spread to the lymph nodes in his neck and had progressed to Stage 4 cancer. He was given less than 50% odds to survive. Through 12 weeks of chemotherapy treatments and regular doctor’s appointments he was officially declared cancer free a week before his 25th birthday. His single “Keep Moving On”, which will be released in 2019, was written during his time as a cancer patient as an anthem for people fighting their own personal battles. He performed this song in public for the first time on his last day of chemotherapy treatments at Lakeridge Health in Oshawa, Ontario with hopes that it would inspire other cancer patients to keep fighting to beat the disease.


C.Ka is now happy to be healthy and able to return to sports. His favourite sport to play is the Harry Potter inspired game of quidditch. He began playing quidditch (which has developed into a co-ed, full contact hybrid of handball and dodgeball) in 2013 for the Queen’s University Quidditch Club. Since then he has won a national championship with the Ottawa Otters Community Team during the 2018-2019 season and received a silver medal at the inaugural Pan-American Quidditch Games this summer in Richmond, Virginia.

He has also returned to work as a teacher with the Durham District School board. This past school year he finished his first “Long Term Occasional” (LTO) teaching placement with S.A Cawker Public School in Port Perry as a music and geography/history teacher. He has another music LTO job lined up for the upcoming school year at Harmony Heights Public School in Oshawa.

C.Ka is fervently recording his original music with his producer Patrick Stephenson with plans to release a full album.

His first single and music video “Wild and Free” was released in June 2019 and is currently seeing play on American Radio stations. His next few singles to be publicly released are “That Girl” – Ft. Hazard and his previously mentioned motivational anthem “Keep Moving On”. C.Ka is eager to display what he is capable of sharing with the world.