Chantel “CeCe” Washington is an artist you definitely need to keep an eye out for, as her latest hit single, “Body”, attests. Only recently released, but already becoming a fast anthem of 2021, “Body” has a delightful synth aura to it that makes it come across as a chill tune you can crank up at a party. The electronic vibe rapidly gets in your blood, and makes you move your bones, and just lose yourself dancing.

While “Body” couldn’t be qualified as a happy song per se, it’s definitely got a fun, and upbeat vibe to it. It’s wonderfully sensual, but then again, so is everything Chantel “CeCe” Washington does. Her voice is smooth and clear, and flows perfectly with the song’s mixing, the two blending together to create this wonderful, sexy mirage that keeps you moving, and bopping your head to the song.

Then, of course, we’ve got the lyrics, which add an extra layer of that much-loved sensuality we mentioned.

“I need your body,” CeCe sings invitingly, and you can’t help being enchanted by this wonderfully gifted artist. The song itself has only been out for a little over two months, featuring fellow renowned artist, Kimmy, and it’s already a definite success. A victory for CeCe, and for the music scene, in general, is part of the artist’s upcoming EP, “What is Love”.

“What is Love” is sketching up to be a fabulous musical offering, with a little bit for everybody. Marked by CeCe’s subtle, melodious voice, it will definitely be soft, but with an unexpected edginess to it.

Chantel “CeCe” Washington infuses each and every one of her songs with a mix of R&B and hip-hop beats that blend together harmoniously, and force you to hit that repeat button. Speaking of which, “Body” is out on streaming platforms, so we strongly suggest that you follow CeCe now!