Continuing on in the footsteps of past hip hop greats such as Ms. Lauryn Hill and 2pac, LaToya Jane’s addictive new single “Empty” tells a story of growth and persistence. A little bit of background knowledge is needed to clearly understand how masterfully Jane has been able to convey these themes in her song. Jane grew up in a tough neighborhood in the Toronto area — an environment that made it easy to slip into trouble and enter a cycle of hardship. She unfortunately fell into a bad situation, leading her to spend 18 months in a women’s incarceration center. However, this was just the spark that she needed to bounce back and finally pursue her true passion: music.

            Although it isn’t stated outright, this story of her past and how far she has come since then is evident all throughout her new song. She makes a powerful connection with the listener that draws them into her life and shows the pain that can come along with a journey such as hers. Even though “Empty” is specific to her own experience, it is genuine and truthful in a way that allows pretty much anyone to connect with it. After just one listen to the song, it feels as though you have known Jane all your life and can get a true sense for exactly what she has faced.

            A major part of what makes this song really work is how well Jane’s voice works with the beat and the production. She has a unique, enticing flow that plays hand in hand with the instrumental to really display the emotion and character that is at the center of the song.

One problem that can often be seen in a lot of music today is that the lyrical content and emotional feel of the songs don’t really have a good connection with one another. “Empty” is far and away from this problem as the song combines a number of great elements that have resulted in a cohesive tune which never seems to get old. The beat is simple and acts as a fantastic complement which makes sure to not detract from Jane’s lyrics and voice.

Jane pronounces the emotion that comes along with dealing with those who want you to fail, she sings, “You can keep your fake hug and your fake love / I see you hater / You can miss me with the bullsh*t two face sh*t / I’ll see you later / They try so hard I know / But it all helps me grow,”.  These lyrics and the rest of the song are truly a testament to Jane’s perseverance and her belief that anyone can overcome their struggles as long as they stay focused on their own growth.

Despite being fairly new to the game, Jane has already created something that is a spectacular listen. Her skillful singing/songwriting skills along with her ability to use her background as the foundation of her music is making her someone that is sure to blow up soon.