Based out of Berlin, Italian DJ and producer Luca Draccar unleashes another jewel from his melodic treasure chest with the release of a new EP titled Flamboyant.

The project consists of three tracks and offers a dimensional edge to trance music. Flamboyant open with the nostalgic charms of Birba. This is a timeless groove that is equally soulful.

The track’s driving drum pattern and echoing measures of synth provide a smooth edge over an intense sonic terrain. Birba takes the listener aboard a place where anything is possible while remaining in spirit with the present moment.

Ingeniously, this groove makes use of several variations, including a compelling bass that pushes us over the edge with excitement.

A virtual world of dance is unveiled in the second track titled Every Exit Is An Entrance.

This musical gem opens with a hard—hitting hypnotic break that smoothly transitions into a whole new world o fluctuating arrangements, deep percussive sounds, and a violent snare drum.

Once the bass drops, we are on the road to meet our deepest inhibitions.

Luca Draccar keeps the fluidity of this track at maximum level with some
cutting-edge keyboarding. Every Exit Is An Entrance is a highly evolved groove and an excellent way to deliberate a call to freedom.

Luca concludes this sonic pilgrimage with a decadent track called Never Settle.

Capturing our attention with its racy introduction and electric bassline, Never Settle marches in on us with an exhilarating cadence and an atmosphere of industrial trance.

This never–ending spiral of ambiguous endeavors is his calling card to the spheres of electronic dance music. Overall, Flamboyant explores the sanctity of electronic and trance music through audible fantasy and sinister rhythmic typography which gives the EP a solid distinctiveness.

Luca Draccar’s musical gnosis is something that EDM lovers will celebrate as masterful.

Flamboyant Cover