Red Tent Records has announced the release of France-based electronic solo-artist Sound Strider’s latest LP entitled ‘Occult Electric’. Sound Strider (the brainchild of Sam Waks) who prides himself in being an electronic artist with a truly underground ethos and approach. With his latest efforts, he explores the deep space sectors of electronica that many other like minded artists don’t capture.

The psychedelic canvas that he paints can ease your mind and send you in a trance that only dreams are made of. From organic analog body grinders to intricate digital brain busters, his spectral alchemy conjures up outlandish soundscapes laced with hypnotic polyrhythms.

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In 2018, Waks formed the label and production company Red Tent Records, along with long-time friend and collaborator Ghost In The Chill. Red Tent Records was created to bridge the gap between two worlds:

Man & Machine
– Soul & Matter
– Acoustic & Electronic

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“This release explores my relationship with chaos magic and the occult. In some sense it is about the search for a new way of being unbounded by the strict codes of monotheistic religion and/or scientific materialism.”

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