Seattle’s The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band announces the new album featuring truly in the moment tracks called “Live in Studio – 11/14”. The ‘group’ is a solo live, improvised electronic music project performed and produced by Jared Sand, who sends you down a road with this collection of tunes heavily fueled by Trip-Hop-Electronic Dance music with dense psychedelic layers.

This album is an impressive improvisational live take compromised of 3 songs with heavy synth and multiple tracks of instrument samples and catchy loops. Highly recommended if you’re a fan of groups like Om Unit or Chemical Brothers.
Jared adds – “For release “Live in Studio – 11/14″ the last few minutes are my favorite I’ve recorded to date. All music is composed with Ableton, live synth hardware, and live instrument loops. Performance consists of an improvised jam session.”

You can stream ‘Live in Studio 11/14” via Soundcloud here:

Also available on Youtube here: