Exclusive interview with rising star ‘Cybele’

How long has music been a part of your life and how did it come to be a part of it ? Music has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. My earliest memory is of being in music class. The story, at least by my parents, is that when I was around a few months old I hummed a tune in perfect pitch based off of something I heard on the radio. My mom began hosting music classes and I loved clapping my hands with other children, muttering unintelligible words that were failed attempts at nursery rhymes. Music lit me up and I would take any opportunity possible to perform in front of people. My earliest music inspirations were ABBA, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. I also fondly recall begging my mom to take me to multiple clubs around our neighborhood and ask if I could sing “Dancing Queen” for their clients. Of course, I was rejected each time but I developed that resilient attitude towards pursuing music from that point forward. If you had the opportunity to collab with any artist of your choosing, who would you choose ? If I had the opportunity to […]