1. How long has music been a part of your life and how did it come to be a part of it ?

Music has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. My earliest memory is of being in music class. The story, at least by my parents, is that when I was around a few months old I hummed a tune in perfect pitch based off of something I heard on the radio. My mom began hosting music classes and I loved clapping my hands with other children, muttering unintelligible words that were failed attempts at nursery rhymes. Music lit me up and I would take any opportunity possible to perform in front of people. My earliest music inspirations were ABBA, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. I also fondly recall begging my mom to take me to multiple clubs around our neighborhood and ask if I could sing “Dancing Queen” for their clients. Of course, I was rejected each time but I developed that resilient attitude towards pursuing music from that point forward.

  1. If you had the opportunity to collab with any artist of your choosing, who would you choose ?

If I had the opportunity to collaborate with any artist of my choosing, I would choose to collaborate with Lauryn Hill. Man, she is amazing to me. Her record “The MisEducation of Lauryn Hill” was not only sonically breathtaking, but her message is everything. She is an artist who does not worry about simply making commercial music, but who is concerned with delivering important messages in her music. She is a vocal production genius as well as a lyrical one. And she has paved the way for women to thrive in Hip Hop, a generally male-dominated genre that can be demeaning towards women, and claimed the genre as an empowering way to uplift women and black women especially, who had been previously objectified in that same genre.

  1. Can you tell me one random fact about yourself ?  

I can speak three and a half languages (I am learning Spanish). I have learned French from my father, English from my mother, Chinese from living in China for ten years, and I am learning Spanish academically. I am half-white and half-Asian, so I guess you could call me a mutt.

  1. What is the driving force that gets you up every morning ?

The driving force that gets me up every morning is my desire to impact the world and to share what I have to offer with the world. That is my driving force that gets me up every morning. I will let this overpower any feeling of melancholy or doubt because I know that in the long-run this mindset will pay off.

  1. What’s been the reaction so far with your debut single Anything ?

The reaction for the single Anything has been phenomenal. I have received so many direct messages, comments, likes on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, videos of fans enjoying the song, even some of my peers begin to play the music in class and I’m really in awe of how much people actually enjoy it. I think the song has also allowed for people to take me more seriously as an artist and I think that in the future, it may well be one of my classics.

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