Influences of Sean Kingston and Chris Brown: Shaping Santeri’s Signature Sound in ‘Pressure’

Reflecting on your journey from studying software engineering to creating music, how has this transition shaped your perspective on life and artistry and, how do you balance both parts of your life? Transitioning from software engineering to music has broadened my perspective. Engineering taught me structure, and music has added the freedom to express emotions creatively. Balancing both involves time management and prioritizing my true passions. “Pressure” unveils raw emotions. Can you share a personal experience that strongly influenced the song’s creation? “Pressure” draws from a conversation with a friend battling depression, a deeply personal experience. Two years later, during my peak with “Bunda,” the song mirrored my own struggles, making its release a poignant journey. As an artist, how do you find balance between vulnerability and maintaining a public persona? Maintaining vulnerability in my art is crucial. It’s about being true to myself while navigating the public eye. Balancing requires authenticity and understanding that embracing vulnerability can resonate profoundly with my audience. Your early musical memories involve Sean Kingston and Chris Brown. How have their influences manifested in your own sound and style? Sean Kingston and Chris Brown shaped my early musical taste. Their influence can be felt in […]

From Expulsion to Success: Adriel Arabia’s Journey as an Artist

How did you start in the music business? So what made me want to get into the music business is my dad. He was a very musical person, God rest his soul, And honestly I saw Janet Jackson and I was like “wow this is hot” you know… “I wanna do this.” So then also I loved Prince and Michael Jackson, and they inspired me as well to want to get in the music business. I also happen to be Prince’s oldest brothers’ sister-in-law, lol. I know that’s a lot. So, Prince’s oldest brother is my brother-in-law, and he also inspired me to keep going. How would you describe the music that you typically create? I would describe the music that I create as multi-genre, as I am a multi-genre artist. So I do R&B, hip-hop, jazz, rock, I mean, Neo Soul… I love it all. I mostly mainly do hip-hop, but I do all genres that I just named, and more. What is the current project about? My current project is about being yourself, self correcting, evolving, spirituality, fun, it’s pretty much about everything. I do have like 300 songs recorded and so I’m going in, and I’m revamping […]

‘Don Aapo’ sits down with Muzic Mirror for an interview about new single ‘Intensity’.

‘Intensity’ is the new single from ‘Don Aapo’. ‘Don Aapo’ writes, records and produces electronic music with a twist. What are your influences and why did you start a career in music ? I started my small love affair with dance music when I heard Above & Beyond’s song “Air For Life” and Armin Van Buuren’s ‘Sail’. That’s almost 20 years ago. Been listening pretty much daily since then. Tell us about your latest release ? I’d like to highlight my new single Intensity. I had a cat climb on me while recording my mic just so you know 😉. Where can fans find and listen to your new single online ? That’s the link to the song. Be sure to hit that Spotify follow, cause I got some mad tunes coming soon. What are your belief’s ? I believe in daily artistic expression to become deeply happy. At least, that’s what I’ve learnt works for me. Do you have a message for our readers ? Well, I’d love to connect further and maybe drink a cup of tea together sometime. Be sure to email me and tell me what you love to do the most! I would be so […]

Interview: “All my songs are from God up there” says OR GOLAN in this special Muzicmirror interview.

Where are you based? Hello everyone from faraway Israel, you must have heard of this country in the world, we are a bit crazy politically and militarily, but I am Or Golan, an international musician, if you haven’t heard of me yet, it’s time to read a little and maybe learn a thing or two What inspired you to start a career in music? The truth is, I was bored, May 2020 and I had an inner feeling that I should make music, I am that kind of person, people will say I’m crazy because I’m a spiritual person but that’s me. I had a plan that I think is excellent for a beginning musician. I made four albums and released them one after the other in all the music stores so that something would move, then I made close to a hundred singles, I became hugely famous thanks to two of them, so here we are. Is OR GOLAN your real name? Yes, absolutely, I was born with it and I will die with it, there is something in this name, something stellar, even though most broadcasters and radio program editors do not pronounce it correctly How would you […]

“I want everyone to accompany me in this journey” says rapper ‘G8.DYZER’ in this interview with Muzicmirror.

What is your name ? Artist/ Stage Name: G8.DYZER Do you have a preferred title ? Producer, rapper, influencer ? Rapper and Songwriter Why should people read about you? What story do you have to tell? What makes you stand out? Because I am a normal person just like everybody else, who had a thought childhood and have a lot of dreams. However, I’m turning all my dreams into goals and I want everyone to accompany me in this journey and I hope others will get inspired to work towards their dreams everytime they see me accomplishing my dreams and goals. People should read about me because G8.DYZER has many stories to tell. What are some notable career highlights? (Awards, recognition, accomplishments) Sports Coaching Graduate What were the biggest challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome them? The biggest challenge I ever faced was letting go of certain things that happened in the past and understanding that things done in the past can’t be changed. I overcame and I am overcoming that everyday by keeping myself positive and by working towards the things I want to obtain. What wisdom would you want to share with others? What lessons can […]

“CAKE!” is a fun, sexy, tongue & cheek dancehall/afrobeat” says ‘Jay Scott’ in this artist interview

‘Cake (A Dancehall Birthday)’ is the new single from ‘Jay Scott’. 1. Who are your musical inspirations? (If you would prefer me to not to compare you to other artists, that’s absolutely fine, but its good for me to hear the genre you sit in to get a feel for what you do) My biggest musical inspirations are Frank Ocean, Ne-Yo, Brandy, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Summer Walker, Ty Dolla $ign and so many more! 2. Who or what influences your music? I feel like my sound as an artist influenced by and a mixture of Sean Paul & Chris Brown so Dancehall mixed with R&B. There isn’t and I don’t think there ever has been a male artist from the UK who gives the whole package vibe like Chris Brown (singer, dancer, performer, fashion) and I want to fill that slot! 3. Please list your band/artists highlights. This could be radio play, support tours, headline tours, album releases, festivals (anything that you think will showcase you in the best light) Well I’m a new solo artist but I did a feature with an American producer which was released last year with a song I wrote called “Breakthrough” which I’m really proud of! It […]


Dar.Ra is a songwriter, musician, author, producer, healer… and earned his stripes with hits for EMI and 21St Century Artists when he set up the Kusha Deep Label in the 2000s releasing his first solo Album in 2009, called ‘Soul Hours’.One of the tracks ‘Haunted Dancehall’ featured in a Hollywood film staring Hilary Duff and ‘Snakes On Planes’. His EPs ‘Now Is Now’, ‘Live For Love’, ‘Cease Fire’ and the soundtrack to film documentary ‘City Of Hope’ have also had millions of streams and inspired his album ‘New Kinda Normal’. This Irish rockstar chats to music journalist, radio presenter, publicist and lover of music Bronwen Kerry talks in the first episode of an exciting new Global series ‘Discover Media Digital Interviews’. Watch here: For more info about Dar.Ra, go to:Youtube: Twitter: @kushadeepFacebook: kushadeepInstagram: dar.ra.brady

MM Spotlight: Artist Interview with ‘Smash’

How did you get to where you are today ? I have a degree in animation but then I discovered music production and audio engineering and gravitated towards it in my mid twenties. My journey has taken me to living and training in the Caribbean, starting off as a studio assistant and then working up to being a producer and engineer. After 4 years abroad, I’m no residing back in the UK running a studio and also Lecturing at the Academy of Contemporary Music teaching music production and audio engineering. Where do you originate from? I was born in England, my mother is from Trinidad and my dad is from Mauritius. When did you start a career music? I have always been into music, that transformed into DJ-ing in my teens, but it was just a hobby. After obtaining my BA in Animation thats when I started to get into music production and I started taking it seriously. How did you first get into music ? After graduating with my degree in animation I was doing a freelance Job in Brixton. It was in a complex that housed many offices and studio spaces. A lot of then were occupied by […]

Exclusive interview with rising star ‘Cybele’

How long has music been a part of your life and how did it come to be a part of it ? Music has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. My earliest memory is of being in music class. The story, at least by my parents, is that when I was around a few months old I hummed a tune in perfect pitch based off of something I heard on the radio. My mom began hosting music classes and I loved clapping my hands with other children, muttering unintelligible words that were failed attempts at nursery rhymes. Music lit me up and I would take any opportunity possible to perform in front of people. My earliest music inspirations were ABBA, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. I also fondly recall begging my mom to take me to multiple clubs around our neighborhood and ask if I could sing “Dancing Queen” for their clients. Of course, I was rejected each time but I developed that resilient attitude towards pursuing music from that point forward. If you had the opportunity to collab with any artist of your choosing, who would you choose ? If I had the opportunity to […]

Glastonbury 2014 – independent weekend review

2014 festival shows how diverse cultural roots are inspiring pop mainstream With 200,000 people, or a veritable city, airdropped into a huge farm in Somerset, promising performers of all persuasions were going to attract a crowd. Acknowledged As acknowledged by Sophie Ellis Bextor, pop and disco have once again found their places at Glastonbury, allowing audiences and acts to bond over some classics to sing along and dance to. Eager faces of all ages could be seen lip-synching to every word along with Ellie Goulding, Bryan Ferry, Caro Emerald and Dolly Parton. It was wonderful to see the return of lighter mainstream genres, popular for good reason that they are great to let your hair down to, singing and dancing along, rekindling happy memories. Fans can be themselves Compared to some harder dance genres that have dominated the charts, pop and disco say “I like this whatever you think” and are free of the occasional self-consciousness of rap or hip-hop while leaving fans to be themselves without prescription dress, moves and lingo. Evident this year was the rise of the DJ to rock star stats, as Sasha, DJ Pierre, David Morales, Shy FX, Above and Beyond and many more entertained […]