Fresh off the Bronx HipHop scene comes a sound deeply rooted in the ‘golden age era’ as QüeDavinciYO drops ‘Yes I do’

Fresh off the Bronx HipHop scene comes a sound so deeply rooted in the old, ‘golden age era’ type street music classics, that you can’t help but stop and appreciate it for a second. Of course, right after this second is over and your ears become accustomed to the song and lyrics, you come to see it’s not simply a good tune, that it doesn’t merely follow in the footsteps of long-ago greats, but rather builds on that to bring you something unique, a sort of meeting point between the old and the new. And how else could it be? Although QüeDavinciYO is a fairly young man with his whole life ahead of him, he’s already started establishing a name for himself in the world of music, demonstrating in each beat his inventiveness and attesting his potential, leading critics to acclaim as a potential future great of this generation. What truly captivates the listener about QüeDavinciYO’s latest track, “Yes I Do”, is the gritty feel of it all. Both in the lyrics and sound, as well as in the accompanying music video, QüeDavinciYO manages to capture and express what life on the street is like – tough, hard and […]