Elizaveta Antonova & Yuri Vekshin – Non lasciate chi amate

Yuri Vekshin is a composer and member of the International Union of Composers of XXI AGE. Yuri composes music in the genre “Classical crossover”. He creates music and music settings with a very special and attractive sound, skilfully balanced harmonies softly reveal the narration. Yuri considers the music as one of the most universal expressions of human feelings, believing that the emotions do not depend on boundaries and time. Although none of his parents are professional musicians, his father, an experienced pilot, studied music being a teenager, but he did not stop playing the piano building a career of a pilot. Yuri recalls how he was listening to mainly classical music at home in his childhood. Yuri Vekshin and Elizaveta Antonova got acquainted in 2017 at one of the concerts in the conservatory. Elizaveta is a singer with lyric soprano, her voice is very expressive with the unique timbre. Yuri has understood that Elizaveta is one of those rare performers who may burst with heart and soul, and who possesses vocal technique as well. Elizaveta started to pursue music from the age of 7 at music school, then she graduated from the College of Arts, now she studies at the […]