Bangkok-based artist ‘BTA’ invites listeners to bring self-love into their lives with stunning new single ‘Embrace’.

Bangkok-based BTA is on a mission to help us find our guiding light, even in our darkest hours. Her debut single, ‘Embrace’ embodies empowerment, inviting listeners to bring self-love into their lives when we need it most. Moreover, it’s a reminder to all of us that our biggest enemy is often our own self. While you could roughly classify BTA as contemporary pop and call it a day, listen closer, and you’ll begin to unravel her inner creative genius. ‘Embrace’ layers in modern production value atop of classical songwriting motifs, making for a transitional style that collides both old and new into something truly special. The uplifting, cinematic instrumentation is a picture-perfect pairing for BTA’s captivatingly dynamic vocal performance, one that is masterful in its ability to convey the personal strength that resides in all of us. Embrace premiered on 17th May 2022, and was produced by the extraordinarily talented Killian Cruiser, and mixed and mastered by Lumzum. It is now available to stream and purchase across all platforms, and also features a beautifully shot music video to go with it. The History of BTA Many musicians and artists chase fame and riches, while others pursue it to share their […]