Interview: “All my songs are from God up there” says OR GOLAN in this special Muzicmirror interview.

Where are you based? Hello everyone from faraway Israel, you must have heard of this country in the world, we are a bit crazy politically and militarily, but I am Or Golan, an international musician, if you haven’t heard of me yet, it’s time to read a little and maybe learn a thing or two What inspired you to start a career in music? The truth is, I was bored, May 2020 and I had an inner feeling that I should make music, I am that kind of person, people will say I’m crazy because I’m a spiritual person but that’s me. I had a plan that I think is excellent for a beginning musician. I made four albums and released them one after the other in all the music stores so that something would move, then I made close to a hundred singles, I became hugely famous thanks to two of them, so here we are. Is OR GOLAN your real name? Yes, absolutely, I was born with it and I will die with it, there is something in this name, something stellar, even though most broadcasters and radio program editors do not pronounce it correctly How would you […]