“For me, the track is about that ‘point of no return’ that comes from a breakup” says rising Swedish pop export ‘Maja Kristina’ as she releases ‘Neighborhood’.

INTRVRT Studios presents ‘Neighborhood,’ the latest single from rising Swedish pop export Maja Kristina. A young and talented standout who has carved her way step by step towards independent artistry, 2022 always promised to be a marker year for Stockholm-based talent. Where her 2021 debut EP records ‘The Idea of Me’ and ‘Self Love Therapy’ featured on Netflix’s The Bold Type, a brand new chapter of studio material commences for 2022 with the one clearest visions of her deeply personal and highly relatable pop prowess. Uniting alongside renowned Swedish writer/producer Jörgen Elofsson, ‘Neighborhood’ tackles the sombre and seclusive nature of a breakup and the territorial divides that come with it. Framed under the guise of her rich and intimate writing, this deep and mellow offering fuses epic production values alongside her signature flare for creating pop music with both pulse and purpose. “For me, the track is about that ‘point of no return’ that comes from a breakup,” explains Maja. “You’ve built this world together in these familiar places – the little spots you have all these memories at, and then overnight they become out of bounds because they were your shared spots. With a wealth of new material scoped […]