David Raynolds drops ‘So Alive’

David Raynolds is a Canadian actor and singer who just released his second EP named ‘So Alive’. The album includes 3 cover songs and 2 originals. So Alive is featuring David’s new voice, post puberty. David release another album before puberty named I Believe In Me, which is available for streaming on all music platforms. So Alive is an amazing album showcasing a voice , which sometimes is compared to Neil Diamond or Chris Rea. David, as a singer, loves seeing smiles on people’s faces. David began playing and composing music on a toy piano at the age of 1 year and his compositions were sensibly melodic and in key. David has always enjoyed listening to classical composers including Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart and pop/rock bands like Queen. At age 5 David began participating in singing talent shows. One of his first entries was his own rendition of Elton John’s “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” and despite having had no formal music training, David sang flawlessly. For more info about his album please check : https://davidraynolds.hearnow.com