The new single “Sneaker Freak” from ‘Ya Girl eL’ is an emotional experience about losing her nephew.

Ya Girl eL releases powerful single “Sneaker Freak” honoring her late nephew. “Sneaker Freak” delivers a powerful message of overcoming a whirlwind of feelings through the 5 stages of grief that inevitably every person must go through. Ya Girl eL’s emotional experience after losing her nephew (who’s life was tragically taken in an attempt to steal his pair of sneakers) amplifies her inner self to raise her energy vibrations, inner strength, and choose to not let grief take over her life. Refusing to let his energy and memory die out of this world, the multi-talented artist honors her nephew by commemorating his life and his achievements as a young entrepreneur in his sneaker business he named “Sneaker Freak” from which her single is named after. The “Sneaker Freak” artist uniquely conveys a musical production that is upbeat and uplifting, making the vocals and lyrics stronger and greater in the frequency of cherishing the good times with loved ones lost. Ya Girl eL, wanting to make her track even more sentimental, includes her immediate family members on “Sneaker Freak” featuring her son speaking to her on the track, and her husband, Ya Boy Head, on the production. “Sneaker Freak” has a […]