With a deep and melancholic harmony, ‘Gevanest’ unleashes his latest electronic anthem with ‘Now I fly Higher’.

‘Now I fly Higher’ is the new single from ‘Gevanest’. Through a type of deep and melancholic harmony, the theme was inspired by situations that bring results of personal growth given the resilience that a person can apply in complex stages of life. It is very important to understand that after a complex stage, the human being can get up and be better than before, go for their dreams and “fly higher”. Despite how hard the past has been, we can heal, gain inner peace in order to live our lives fully and be free of the soul. The sounds for the melody and rhythm are based on styles closer to Electronic Trance. The song was composed and produced by Iván Corales (Gevanest) plus the vocal collaboration of Camila Frias. GEVANEST (Iván Corales), is a 34-year-old Chilean independent DJ/Producer, born on 05-23-1988 in the province of Curicó, currently residing in Santiago de Chile. Gevanest (Iván Corales) began producing music electronica recently in 2022. It has 3 singles on digital platforms, being most popular on Spotify, where it has more than 6 thousand followers who eagerly await their next releases. Iván Corales (Gevanest), is a musician, guitarist and not only works […]