Do you know Phaze3? If you don’t, you should, because you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s okay, I don’t blame you, I wasn’t aware of this wonderfully talented artist, either, until I heard her latest musical offering, her recently released Gospel album, entitled “A Warrior’s Call”.

With evidently powerful religious roots, Phaze3 installs herself into your speakers and into your home and delivers a veritable tour de force through just 11 songs. Rather than simply qualifying as a musical album, “A Warrior’s Call” is a spectacle of faith, light, and ultimately hope. It’s definitely what you want to be listening to if you’re feeling a bit low because if there is one artist who has the power to pull you out of that, it’s Phaze3.

Coming at you as she does from a long career as a ministry worker, spiritual healer, and religious leader, Phaze3 delivers a beautiful, highly melodious album that speaks overtly of God, but also on a much deeper and more personal level, of your own personal faith. It is a masterful album in the sense that it delivers one solid track after another and offers healing and strength.

The first tune I heard off of “A Warrior’s Call” is called “Cosign” and is a deliciously old-school blend of Gospel and blues, that’s part song, part group prayer, showing Phaze3 in all her glory as a spiritual healer.

Other tracks that particularly impressed me were “The Perils”, with its beautiful versatility, with which the artist deftly moves from soft and melodious to gritty rap, and “Pride”, which is carefully mixed to act as the odd-one-out track on this album, which is not to say it’s any less precious.

All in all, “A Warrior’s Call” is a powerful musical offering from a powerful artist, one that you definitely need to be aware of from now on. And if you loved it (which you probably will), don’t worry, because she also has a small host of other lively tracks out there.

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