Making music since the age of seven, despite never acquiring musical education, May Fall has always aspired to educate himself. 

In 2016, after two decades of going through musical evolution with his childhood rock band, who later evolved into progressive metal band Road to Evenmind, May Fall took a sharp turn to explore the electronic music world with his own synthesizer-driven venture – perhaps a shift that should have been anticipated, being a longtime synthesizer enthusiast and fan of 70s and 80s synth heroes (from stadium rock, through jazz-fusion to mainstream pop).

 His debut release spawned singles “Blind Zone” and “Same Code” who enjoyed heavy rotation in hundreds of radio stations (and TV channels with their respective music videos) throughout the world, establishing himself as an up-and-coming artist in the synth-pop scene.                                                    

Fast forward to 2023, after a period which saw the release of his jazz fusion trio’s (The May Fall Crew) acclaimed debut album “Overload”, May Fall returns with the new single “Determinist” from his upcoming new EP “Submerge”, superbly mixed by Multi-Platinum producer Yoad Nevo (Sia, Ed Sheeran, Moby, Pet Shop Boys).    

About “Determinist”                                  

Somewhat challenging to classify, “Determinist” dances around the intersection of indie-pop, electro-alternative, synthwave and jazz-funk.

A trailblazing blend of shuffly beats, a propulsive bassline, aurally gratifying synthesizer parts, and celestial vocal harmonies—this song introduces a fresh musical depth that effortlessly intertwines with a captivating tune.

A careful listen reveals jazzy chord progressions and mutually interacting synthesizer layers, yet the song’s underlying harmonic complexity is cleverly woven into an infectious groove, making it enjoyable for casual music lovers and sophisticated musicophiles alike.

On the lyrical side, “Determinist” is anything but your typical pop song: as can be inferred from its title, this song invites listeners to delve into the profound philosophical question of free will versus determinism, a theme rarely addressed in popular music. The song challenges listeners to contemplate the driving forces behind their decisions, urging them to question whether they were inevitably dictated by all preceding events.

In a world where music often focuses on lighter themes, “Determinist” stands out as a testament to May Fall’s musical prowess and creative fearlessness. Much like its thematic ambivalence, “Determinist” shifts between jumpy verses driven by brassy sweeping synth stabs and reassuring choruses that float on comforting spacey pads with unexpected visits of Baroque-esque piano runs.

Masterfully combining weighty philosophical concepts and meticulously crafted soundscapes, “Determinist” creates an immersive sonic experience that resonates with audiences on multiple levels.

“Determinist” is out on 15 September 2023 on all major streaming platforms, along with a mesmerizing music video directed by visual wizard Adam Oscar.

Photo by Adam Oscar

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