With a deep and melancholic harmony, ‘Gevanest’ unleashes his latest electronic anthem with ‘Now I fly Higher’.

‘Now I fly Higher’ is the new single from ‘Gevanest’. Through a type of deep and melancholic harmony, the theme was inspired by situations that bring results of personal growth given the resilience that a person can apply in complex stages of life. It is very important to understand that after a complex stage, the human being can get up and be better than before, go for their dreams and “fly higher”. Despite how hard the past has been, we can heal, gain inner peace in order to live our lives fully and be free of the soul. The sounds for the melody and rhythm are based on styles closer to Electronic Trance. The song was composed and produced by Iván Corales (Gevanest) plus the vocal collaboration of Camila Frias. GEVANEST (Iván Corales), is a 34-year-old Chilean independent DJ/Producer, born on 05-23-1988 in the province of Curicó, currently residing in Santiago de Chile. Gevanest (Iván Corales) began producing music electronica recently in 2022. It has 3 singles on digital platforms, being most popular on Spotify, where it has more than 6 thousand followers who eagerly await their next releases. Iván Corales (Gevanest), is a musician, guitarist and not only works […]

With flawless blending of live-action and animated components, ‘J Maurice’ returns with stunning new video ‘Roll Wit Me’.

J. Maurice, a rising Kansas City-based hip-hop artist, just dropped a potent new tune titled “Roll Wit Me.” With his outstanding abilities, remarkable stage presence, and capacity to unite the old school and new school hip hop cultures, he is creating waves in the hip hop community. His most recent single, which demonstrates an exceptional combination of charm, wit, and unsurpassed lyrical brilliance, is a remarkable monument to his talent. This song that brilliantly displays J. Maurice’s mastery of the genre is “Roll Wit Me.” His witty rhymes start off flowing over the hip-hop beats with an effortlessness and confidence that is unmatched. The song’s R&B-influenced chorus, which gives it an extra layer of depth and captures the listener with its catchy melody, is unforgettably catchy. The song’s music video features a magnificent display of images that perfectly capture the soul of the song. The video’s flawless blending of live-action and animated components makes for an engrossing and comprehensive viewing experience. The main ideas of the song—seeking love, happiness, and success—are skillfully captured in the music video. The “Roll Wit Me” performance by J. Maurice is nothing short of extraordinary. His flow is unrivalled, and every line shows his self-assurance […]

Metal band ARMORED DAWN unveil their new single “Wayfaring Stranger” a heavier version of the Johnny Cash classic.

After a successful comeback with the official music video for “S.O.S.”, and the brutal single “Tides”, Brazil based, Metal band ARMORED DAWN has released their newest single “Wayfaring Stranger”, a heavy version of Johnny Cash’s song. “Wayfaring Stranger” was recorded at renowned Dharma Studios and mixed and mastered by renowned producer Heros Trench, a Latin Grammy winner, with more than 200 bands under his belt.The band decided to record a new version of the song after some members had watched the movie “1917”, whose soundtrack features “Wayfaring Stranger” in a scene that brings a lot of reflection to the audience. The song is popular from the American Christian songbook, and it talks about a lonely walker who goes through the odds of this world, and hopes to get to heaven, the place where his loved ones already are. The current lineup of Armored Dawn, which includes Eduardo Parras (vocals), Tiago de Moura and Timo Kaarkoski (guitars), Heros Trench (bass), Rafael Agostino (keyboards) and Chris Oliveira (drums), continues to work on future releases. The band’s upcoming album, Brand New Way, was produced and recorded at the renowned Dharma Studios, in São Paulo, by Rodrigo Oliveira and Heros Trench, mixed by Chris Lord Alge and mastered by Ted Jensen, two top names in North American music production. Acclaimed since the […]

‘Oliver Pulfer’ AKA ‘The Disciple’ releases ‘Metaphysical Disorder’ his new single about Culture and Psychology.

Oliver Pulfer AKA The Disciple has been working on a body of work over the last few years in Switzerland. The lead single to be released is the hard hitting and culturally political single – Metaphysical Disorder. The track is a commentary on the genocide of many African cultures due to an overbearing focus on Western Civilization.The rapping is complimented by Pindaimuhushe Bosha – KVA’s sweet reggae vocal and melodies infused with traditional African beats It’s not about economic exploitation or politics but its more about Culture and Psychology, that’s why it’s called Metaphysical. Oliver embraces a more Afrocentric world view and is deeply moved about the disappearance of certain cultures. As The Disciple notes – “The lyrical content is pretty deep”. ABOUT THE DISCIPLE Oliver was born in 1988 in Bern, Switzerland. He always liked rap music and became interested in Hip Hop culture at a young age. Due to his international spirit, he always had an inclination towards the English language as well as other cultures worldwide. He started to write his first rhymes in English in his teens. He recorded his first tracks before he was twenty years old. In the middle of his twenties, he started to […]

‘Deann René touches the soul with her awesome new full-length album ‘Paint a Dream’.

‘Paint a Dream’ is the new album from ‘Deann René’. Paint a Dream was produced by husband, Kris Brown, along with Ron D’Agenio and Deann, and recorded at Austin’s Hoodoo Studio. Paint a Dream, proves that it is life’s varied experiences and heartbreaking disappointments that are essential ingredients for creating songs capable of touching another’s soul. Drawing from an array of genres and influences, including pop, rock, R & B and worldbeat, Deann has painted musical images worthy of both gallery walls and earbuds everywhere. Standout tracks include “Superman,” an homage to her son, who served as the inspiration for Deann’s steadfast drive to keep her musical dream alive; “Kiss Me,” which has a Stevie Nicks-like pleading vocal vibe, expertly augmented by Charlie Richards’ emotive lead guitar work; and a piercingly powerful song about a refugee’s wake-up call in the land of the red, whit blue upon finding that the American Dream can be an elusive bill of goods for those who find themselves unwelcome in this new land. “Paint Her a Dream” — which features worldly percussion from Kostamos Yiacoumis —issues a rebuke to those individuals who greet new arrivals with hateful catcalls to ‘Go back to where ya […]

Singing since she was a kid, ‘Amanda Plumb’ is a 20 year old Singer-Songwriter who is about to release her new single ‘seaside’.

‘Amanda Plumb’ is a 20 year old Singer-Songwriter. Born in Sonoma County, California. She has been singing since she was a kid. In weddings and huge family events is where she starred. In high school she wrote music with a lot of her friends and also did high school plays / musicals. She is releasing her first studio single “seaside” in the very near future. Talking about her singing career and new single ‘Seaside’, ‘Amanda Plumb’ says “My newest single, Seaside was written in San Diego. I was in my senior year of highschool doing asynchronous learning and a few people from my highschool (who graduated a couple years before) had been reaching out to me to make music. I recorded Seaside the first time in a professional studio. It was really fun with my friends because they brought great energy and they were really supportive. The song is about falling in love. Feeling like your floating and like you can accomplish anything in the world. The love I had felt like a movie type of love. Everything felt too good to be true. Especially, being by the seaside of San Diego, one of the most beautiful places in California. […]

Making an exceptional noise punk sound, ‘Snailbones’ rock hard on breakthrough new album ‘Keelhaul ‘em All’.

‘Keelhaul ‘em All’ is the rocking new album from ‘Snailbones’. It’s their second album and newest release with oceanic pirate themes. Snailbones is a PNW noise punk band, composed of guitarist Timothy Francis, bassist Kelly Minton and drummer Drew Owens. Formed in 2017 in Portland Oregon, the band played shows relentlessly until the pandemic hit. During their time off they booked five days at Map Room Studios and self-engineered two albums, album one mixed by Taylor Hales at Electrical Audio, second album mixed by Matt Boynton (the Breeders – All Nerve). Both of their albums were mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. The band is currently writing their third album and will be recording in Chicago with engineer Steve Albini in March of ’23. Online: Linktree: https://linktr.ee/snailbonesbandApple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/snailbones/1609880374iTunes: Keelhaul ’em All by Snailboneshttps://music.apple.com/us/album/keelhaul-em-all/1628273297Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3GF8jHYidR8tu3469nzDFi?si=2WT6dvr4S3S_GqyMee8DXQSongKick: https://www.songkick.com/artists/9896124-snailbonesSoundCloud: https://on.soundcloud.com/SZtzuxEjw7VQsfce6Bandcamp: https://snailbones.bandcamp.com/album/keelhaul-em-allInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/snailbonesband/Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/100068478112393/Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/Snailbonesband/status/1591475410306727936Website: https://snailbones.comBCS live: https://youtu.be/kysW4U2WrBc

‘Patkha Guddi’ is the stunning new single from ‘ALVIDO’.

‘Patkha Guddi’ is the new single from ‘ALVIDO’. The new single ‘Patkha Guddi’ from ‘ALVIDO’ features Tech House with an Indian Punjabi Voice Sample and a powerful Bassline. ALVIDO was born Alen Gruber in Croatia, he left his country in 1992 as a refugee and grew up in Germany. He now spends his time producing incredible electronic music in the Tech House style, Check him out and follow him online. Online: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2ahaBARCiW8tXoQa0AeaqB?si=uSFLKmccRQeGPQDQJuTyJwhttps://instagram.com/alvido_music6.https://i1.sndcdn.com/avatars-yVmTzDpzM7RmIiQt-OUyPNg-t500x500.jpg

Las Vegas’s own ‘Li’on La’inon’ unleashes new album ‘Tha World Is Yours’.

‘Tha World Is Yours’ is the new full length album from rapper ‘Li’on La’mon’. This is the “Black Scar Face” Album if there ever was one. Talking about the album ‘Li’on La’mon’ says “My music is a testimony to my grind & FIGHT throw my life ! Listen to the blood sweat & tears of Las Vegas’s own **Li’on La’inon** !“. Online: https://open.spotify.com/artist/60gYka2staINo4DVhAbxp2https://www.youtube.com/@lionlamon2864https://soundcloud.com/lionlamon?ref=clipboard&p=i&c=1&si=5920DAB945664A9BB8AB4E80429774&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharinghttps://www.instagram.com/lion_lamon/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3Dhttps://www.facebook.com/lionlamonlive?mibextid=LQQJ4dhttps://music.apple.com/us/artist/lion-lamon/1600608524https://twitter.com/lion_lamon?s=21&t=5DeRRKkAg133u9clx202Mghttps://www.tiktok.com/@lionlamon?_t=8ZJPKzTCG2V&_r=1

‘Son of a Pigeon’ drops an apetizer for his forthcoming album with hot new single ‘I’m Great’.

Introducing Son of a Pigeon: The Berlin-based artist taking the music world by storm. From the moment you press play on Son of a Pigeon’s new single “I’m Great,” you know you’re in for something special. The Berlin-based artist, whose real name is Ohad Grodzenski, delivers an intriguing mix of rock and hip-hop reminiscent of the Beastie Boys. But who is Son of a Pigeon? And what inspired the creation of this latest single? In this post, we’ll explore all that and more. First off, let’s talk about who Son of a Pigeon is. Ohad is a multi-talented artist, not just a musician, but also a podcaster. His podcast, where he interviews music artists from around the world, is a must-listen for anyone interested in the music industry. He releases new episodes every Sunday, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already. But as a music artist, Ohad is just as impressive. “I’m Great” is the first taste of his upcoming album “Made in Berlin,” and it’s a tantalizing preview of what’s to come. The song starts with a Bohemian Rhapsody-style acapella and features a Latin-style guitar that is one of the best parts of the song. […]

Revealing a new era in his music career, ‘DJ MalYar’ unveils new single ‘All Right’.

After a short break, DJ MalYar returned with an original sound and released a fresh track called “All Right”. The best remixer in Ukraine according to KISS FM describes his music as melancholic and melodic, perfect for workouts, sports, or listening to in the car.   “It’s a really versatile track that doesn’t distract you from the main things and sets the rhythm for what you’re doing. In it, I combined interesting vocals, dynamic backing track and modern sound, which will be the perfect accompaniment to the day for every listener” — said DJ MalYar. During the military aggression of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, the author has been working hard and has prepared many new musical works. This can be called a new era in his music career. DJ MalYar plans to release his next tracks this spring. Negotiations are currently underway with the best European labels.  Previously, DJ MalYar has collaborated with such international labels as: Future House Music, Ultra, Smash The House, Armada, Enormus Tunes, Black Hole. Online: MalYar Social:https://www.instagram.com/malyardj/https://soundcloud.com/malyar MalYar in music stores: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6jvJH6eOhwkkAQ5CGqKSxJhttps://music.apple.com/us/artist/malyar/453116768

“The best gift you can give is your love” is the sweet sentiment behind the new single ‘This Gift’ (TikTok Version) from ‘Mike Apt’.

‘This Gift’ (TikTok Version) is the new single from Mike Apt. A native Texan, Mike Apt has been playing music for the majority of his life, starting with piano lessons at age 5. Mike Apt grew up in a musical household, where his mother played the piano, and his father played the guitar, both of them sing as well. While it has always been a hobby of his, Mike began finding passion in creating music in 2022. Mike Apt has created around himself a dynamic and talented team of artists & producers, they are all excited for the opportunity to share his passion and their shared music together. @mike.apt Replying to @majorswife I wrote the lyrics to this song, using all the notes my parents wrote to each other for the past 30+ years #lovestory #Love #valentinesday #singersongwriter ♬ original sound – Mike Apt Tell us the story of your new single ‘This Gift‘? “The first Christmas my parents were together they were very poor and they couldn’t afford Christmas gifts, so my dad went around town and found an empty box. The red one from the album cover. And wrote my mom a note saying the the best gift […]

Fast rising rapper ‘J PROFITTS’ is wearing his own clothing brand in new video and single ‘Mybrotherskeeper’ Featuring real brother ‘Mr.365’.

J PROFITTS is a rapper and a songwriter, from Spartanburg, South Carolina and has lived there his whole life. He has been making music his whole life and he has performed at many night clubs and talent shows. He is excited to tell everyone about his album that is coming out in the middle of March this year. It will be streaming on all platforms and the album is called “MAKE IT MAKE SINCE”. The album will feature other local artists and producers. He has a YouTube page under my rap name (j profitts) with new music and new videos that you can listen to and download. His page has over 400,000 views and is continuously growing. His music is on Apple music, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube music, triller, sound cloud and any other platform you can get music on. His biggest music influencers are Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Notorious Big, Snoop Dogg, 2 pac, Jadakiss, Warren G, pastor troy, and ice cube. The song that he is releasing is called “MYBROTHERSKEEPER” and it’s on all platforms. Mybrotherskeeper is one of the lead singles to his album. The beat was done by producer malik hunt at DND Underground Studios. The […]

After a toxic ex spread rumors and false accusations about ‘Realtopgreez Luciano’ he drops sensational new single ‘Too Messy’.

‘Too Messy’ is the new single from rapper ‘Realtopgreez Luciano’. Realtopgreez Luciano is a rap artist born and raised in Buffalo ,Ny. Realtopgreez says that his passion for music became more serious while he was incarcerated for five years. He also feels as if music is a way for him to express how he feels as well as it being another way for him to reflect on his past and the lessons he has learned from himself and others. Some of his biggest influencers that allowed him to stay focused and committed through his time in prison include artists like Drake, Kevin Gates, 38 Spesh, Chief Keef, and J Cole. Since having been released from prison, Realtopgreez has been realeasing single after single inspired by his thoughts and reflections during that time. His newest release includes a song titled “Too Messy”also featuring solo artist SG Spliff.The inspiration behind the song was based off the realization that not all relationships are created equally. Realtopgreez saw many relationships around him experiencing major issues on a daily basis that were realized by his having spent time away from day to day life and drama. He is now a firm believer that every person […]

Making a full-time career out of music and hitting the iTunes Charts, ‘Jealous’ is the new single from ‘Deja Renee’.

‘Jealous’ is the new single from ‘Deja Renee’. Deja wrote this song when her friend from work told her about the jealousy in her relationship. She started realizing her own jealousy issues from her partner in her own relationship so she decided to do what all writers do, write a song. Deja has the #36 song on iTunes Charts in the UK with her new hit single “Jealous”. She has always been a singer since growing up. She went to school for singing and has made that a full time career at this point in her life. Online: https://music.apple.com/us/album/jealous/1658220031?i=1658220032 https://open.spotify.com/album/7iGoWnYga67chtY53j0ShX?si=AApvQudDQtyuwe3evimKeg

Writing, recording and making beautiful music, ‘Kalyssa’ is back with stunning new single ‘Hooked on A Feeling’.

‘Hooked on A Feeling’ is the new single from ‘Kalyssa’. Out of some of Kalyssa’s darkest moments comes her best work. Kalyssa uses any negative energy she encounters and turns it into positive, while creating powerful words and beautiful music. Kalyssa is a vocalist songwriter, born on March 28th, 1980 in downtown Toronto, Canada. From a young child Kalyssa always had an interest in the arts and it all began for her love of dancing (ballet, tap, acro & jazz), and competing frequently throughout her young childhood years. Dancing was a place where she could escape even if for just a few moments at a time. Kalyssa’s childhood was bittersweet, and what no one knew was that she was struggling internally and fighting demons no child should ever have to fight, especially on their own. As she continued to grow, she learned how to cope and went in to survival mode. In her adolescent years she began writing poetry here and there but never thought anything of it at the time. Writing became more of another outlet and escape for her mind when she felt suffocated and would go through bouts of depression quite often. What she didn’t know was […]

Characterized in their videos for incorporating beautiful and sensual models, Read the history of “Sultanes del Ritmo”.

Sultanes del Ritmo, agrupación chileno-cubana de música caribeña, obtuvo dos prenominaciones a Mejor Álbum de Música Contemporánea en la última edición de los Grammy Latinos, quedando entre los 59 mejores discos del mundo en esta categoría, con sus álbumes: Por dónde le entra el agua al Coco ? y El Culequé . Además los dos discos fueron prenominados a “Álbum del Año”. Ahora regresan con el lanzamiento de su nuevo single “El Tirano” en Spotify y su video en You Tube. La canción y el video son una cruda crítica a la falta de libertades que hay en en Cuba y la constante violación de derechos humanos que sufren sus habitantes por parte de la dictadura cubana encabezada por Miguel Díaz-Canel. Alex, su vocalista, original de Medialuna, perteneciente a la provincia de Granma, en la parte oriental de la isla agrega: “ya la gente está cansada de los permanenentes abusos y arbitrariedades que hay en Cuba. Siempre la excusa es buscar a Estados Unidos y su supuesto bloqueo como el causante de todos los males de Cuba porque eso le sirve a la dictadura para justificar y mantenerse en el poder” La verdad, agrega Alex es que “debido a la […]

‘Cameron Sean’ believes in giving his fans what they want to hear with new single ‘Crazy’ out now.

“Crazy” is a new release inspired by hip-hop artist Cameron Sean’s back-on-the-scene dating experience. It’s song about that date we’ve all had that turned a corner real quick. At first you wanted things to work out and had high hopes of the date being a win, so you may have ignored the red flags along the way. Then one day…BAM!!! The crazy card was played and YOUR SWIPE WAS NOT SO RIGHT after all…. Who is Cameron Sean?Cameron Sean is from Westchester, New York, born and raised. When he as a pen in his hand, it just seems to drip with lyrical contents. His authentic and quick-witted lyrics strikes at the heart of those who listen; this wordsmith forges his craft in the fire of his daily life and is known for his intricate rhythmic flow and contagious melodies. His perseverance with the technique illustrates his single-mindedness lyricism is a field that requires dedication and perseverance. He believes in giving his fans what they want to hear, along with having a great team behind him. What is his music like?One could say, he has the new school hip-hop vibe and his own lyrical elements from old school. He has created […]

MILLENIUM8 draws inspiration from trap and reggaeton with new single ‘NOO PUEDEEN’.

MILLENIUM8 is an emerging artist who is trying to tell the truth through his music. He is looking to create experiences that honor his heritage and culture and bring to attention the issues faced by different groups and people based off of his real-life experience.  MILLENIUM8’s music is distinguished by his storytelling. He creates new and interesting stories that recount real events. The artist hopes to reach Latino listeners who want to hear the truth in their songs and who want to find new voices in their favorite genres. MILLENIUM8 draws inspiration from trap, reggaeton, and similar music styles and is inspired by artists like Bad Bunny.  MILLENIUM8 offers exciting blends of rap, of Spanish, and English, to create novel music. Each track touches on real experiences that bring a whole layer of relatability and exploration, a raw sense of reality.  Many artists today steer away from reality and focus their music on experiences that are very far away from the average listener’s, focusing on their wealth or showing off their prowess. While this type of music has its place, it is also important to explore and create music that touches on something more real and closer to everyday life. Indie […]

Intelligent Diva’s Single “How To Flex” Is Giving Us Boss Vibes.

The release of “How to Flex” by Intelligent Diva featuring Sean Kingston follows the unstoppable success of recent single “Stop Calling Me”, which peaked at number 15 in the US and spent 16 weeks in the top 50 airplay charts (as well as her hit singles User and Baby I love You which ranked in the top 10 globally on Billboard R&B and Mainstream Charts powered by BDS. Baby I Love You ranked at #4 and User ranking at #1 for two consecutive weeks. Her single Sinner’s Prayer has ranked at #21 on Billboard also and the Top 50 Gospel Airplay Charts and Independent Charts in the US and Europe. Thrilling, unapologetic, liberated, and definitely giving us boss vibes ‘How to Flex’ was a single written by Intelligent Diva and Sean Kingston. Intelligent Diva wrote her lyrics with the focus on synch licensing in the niches of health and wealth. For those who are entrepreneurs, celebrities, or in the field of selling luxury items such as cars, homes, travel, and jewelry.  It’s focused on wealth and health. For the entrepreneurs and people with careers you can have whatever you want, when you put in your hard work. From a health […]

‘Your love is your religion’ – says T8iana in a new reaction music clip to LGTBI hate crime.

Australian Pop Singer popularly known as T8iana, a passionate advocate for the LGTBI+ community, has strongly reacted to the hate attack shooting at the Gay nightspot Club Q in Colorado Springs, U.S, which recently made worldwide news. T8iana, a talented musician, who has met with success on the UK i-tunes daily top 40 and 100 dance charts throughout 2022 and who was also featured in the Rolling Stone Magazine’s Global Artist spotlight earlier this year, has released a new pop-dance single ‘Celebrat8ion’ with an enthralling music video which she calls a visually creative and musically/lyrically charged ‘response’. A colourful yet strong retaliation/reaction to the unfortunate incident, the clip has been intentionally filmed at Melbourne’s iconic LGTBI favoured nightclub – ‘Lovemachine’ which itself was the site of a violent gun shooting in 2019 (though for unrelated reasons). “The choice of this particular nightclub as the location for the video is to highlight the need for safety and to encourage the LGTBI+ community to stand up against the hatred and stereotyping towards them while not letting such incidents deter them from leading anything less than a glorious life”, says T8iana. The video incorporates stunning visuals, powerful choreography and features T8iana drawing a […]

‘Simona Shao’ showcases her smooth and sultry voice on new single ‘The Only Thing I’ve Known’.

Up and coming pop singer, Simona Shao is making waves with her latest single The Only Thing I’ve Known. Simona has been consistently raising the bar with her music since her first release in 2017, and this release proves that she is continuing her upward trajectory. The Only Thing I’ve Known showcases Simona’s smooth and sultry voice over beautifully crafted background vocals and a nostalgic yet modern R&B track that support the lyrical realization of wanting to live more gratefully and presently. In her words, “[I pulled from] the idea of never being satisfied even when something is so perfect and good for you, as well as the strange yet innate human urge to try to mess things up when everything is going right.”. Simona has been active in the music industry from a young age – having been crowned champion of ICN Network’s “American Stars” competition show, and participated in The Voice of China, and has since garnered over 3 million streams on her original tracks. She has largely released her own music in the form of collaborations with electronic producers, but since starting to explore her own R&B/Pop sound, she has really found her own stride. The Only […]

Part of the story of great talents in music, ‘God Knows Records’ is a Los Angeles-based, independent record label and publisher.

Established on desire and fulfillment, God Knows Records is a Los Angeles-based, independent record label and publisher, a part of the story of great talents in music. The label is home to the next generation of the most promising artists. God Knows Records understands that each artist is their own individual, reserving the artist’s development to be flexible and suitable to their story and vision. Artists Dorin Hirvi – @dorinhirviSicksways – @cultleaderharleyHarley – @sicksways

Influenced by philosophy, psychology & neuroscience, ‘Grant Barbosa’ unveils new album ‘Conquest I: A Mutant Shaman God?!?!?’.

Grant Barbosa is an independent music artist and the creator of Synaptic Dream Pop, an electronic gospel music genre Grant created & recorded in virtual reality. They play every instrument themselves and compose the music in an improvisational Jazz-like style – though the genre also draws on pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, and, of course, electronic music. It also draws influences from film, television, video games, anime, etc. and they plan to synch my existing catalog with interested parties in the entertainment industry. On December 2nd, 2022, Grant Barbosa released their 31st album of 2022, Conquest I: A Mutant Shaman God?!?!?, the first in a series. The 31st album of Synaptic Dream Pop, a brand-new electronic Gospel music genre, this instrumental album explores subject matter that is often referred to as ‘dark’ but remain are a part of life’s beauty. This album, like all Synaptic Dream Pop albums, draws from the explicit message offered by Jesus Christ, as well as the creator’s research into religions of the world, philosophy, psychology & neuroscience as well as incorporating tropes that frequently reoccur in pop culture – especially tropes from anime, video games, mythology, books, movies, & television. The reoccurring theme in every Synaptic […]

Rising fast with a growing solid fanbase, Master Yetí drops stunning new single ‘My Time.’

Chicago artist and producer Master Yetí returns with his latest single ‘My Time.’ Released in July 2022, the single has already received major support from his 82,000 Spotify listeners and accumulated over 132,000 streams on Spotify alone. For Master Yetí his musical path began in 2017, after a youth spent surrounded by music and the arts. ‘My Time’ is the next step of his journey. The mellow plucking of a looping electric guitar and contemporary trap beats lay the foundation for Master Yetí’s effortless and melodic flow which takes listeners on a soulful journey. Raised by a musical family, he released his first single ‘On My Own’ in late 2019 and began building himself a solid fanbase. His father, a pianist and minister of music, influenced his passion for music, and Master Yetí has performed in the majority of Chicagoland’s gospel groups, as well as producing his own personal music. Online: Spotify

‘Nyil’a’ has a unique singing talent on beautiful new single ‘You can come home’.

‘You can come home’ is the new single and music video from ‘Nyil’a’. NYILA Webster is a native of Kansas City, MO. During her modest mid-western upbringing, she listened to the melodies of Natalie Cole, Mini Rippleton, Denise Williams and the Emotions. These phenomenal and accomplished singers greatly influenced and inspired the style and genre that she sings today! Nyila first became aware of her unique singing talent while attending high school. At fifthteen years of age, she auditioned for a Starlight Theater Production. The judges were blown away by her perfect pitch acapella rendition of “Home” from the famous musical the “WIZ”. She would later join a band singing backup for a popular local artist on the weekends. After several years of singing backup for her, she put together her own group called PLUSH. They performed with Kansas City’s own Grand Jury Band who later changed their name to Low-Key (the chart topping Minneapolis oriented ensemble). She along with her dynamic trio had the spectacular experience of performing the National Anthem for their hometown baseball team the ROYALS! They were often seen around town representing their city as the KC Dream girls! Another amazing event that will always be […]

Dropping a blend of Nigerian and Ghanaian contemporary high-life, ‘Libido’ is the new single from ‘Bobby Billion’.

‘Libido’ is the new single from ‘Bobby Billion’. Born and raised in Ilasa,Lagos-Nigeria, Bobby Billion a.k.a richbynature is an independent afrobeat artist looking to bless the world with his unique style of music, currently based in New York he is said to have moved from Ghana just before the pandemic to the states without a dollar but a dream and pen drive full of afrobeat songs hoping to network and perform his songs across the globe, His unique style of music is a blend of Nigerian and Ghanaian contemporary high-life, He’s worked with A-list Ghanaian artistes such as Castro, R2bees,shattawale e.t.c but says he’s inspired by wizkid and burna boy and hopes to land a collaboration with either of them soon. Bobby Billion is undoubtedly one of the few upcoming afrobeat artists with a unique style and one to watch out for. Bobby Billion hopes to get signed to a record label so as to fulfill his dream of performing Afrobeats all over the globe, He is set to release his first single since relocating to the United States of America, even tho the song is a fast-tempo club-banger titled ‘Libido’ Bobby Billion claims it’s a gospel song, “my song […]

‘November Eyes’ is the new winter love song from ‘Nash McGrew’.

‘November Eyes’ is the new single from ‘Nash McGrew’. Talking about his music, influences and the single he says “I wrote and produced this song a couple weeks ago. It’s a winter love song. My music influences are definitely Ed Sheeran, post Malone, Billie Eilish, and a lot of others but those are the main ones. I really take inspiration from Ed because he writes and produces his music all himself, so that’s really awesome and uncommon“. “I’ve been making music my whole life but just as of last year I got a setup to actually record and produce my music, the only thing I don’t know how to do is mastering my songs. I don’t actually know how to play piano or guitar, like I’ve never taken lessons. Im just able to make notes and cord progressions that I think sound good for my songs. I write all my songs, I produce every element and sound that goes into my music. My genre is still changing as I progress with music but I feel like it is in the love/heartbreak song category, like pop/ slow songs. This November eyes song is a love song about two people. It’s telling […]

The first resident female dueling pianist at Disneyland’s ‘Showdown At The GoldenHorseshoe’, ‘Missy Alcazar’ releases new album “Figuring It Out”.

“Figuring It Out” from Missy Alcazar is a collection of originals that takes you through the journal of healing from trauma, anxiety, PTSD and grief. Missy Alcazar says “Each song captures a moment in time when I was discovering the courage to reach out for professional help to ease my mental health. Then, sequentially utilizing the tools and resources I learned in cognitive behavior therapy and EDMR sessions to manage my anxiety. I learned ways to practice forgiveness, self compassion and self love. The album art is inspired by the non-profit organization “Project Semi-Colon.” the nation’s most effective grassroots mental health organization dedicated to bettering the lives suffering from mental illness, addiction, depression and anxiety. This album is dedicated to and inspired by my incredibly supportive Twitch Community. Without them, this album would not have been released into the world to hear. Cheers to Slow Nation, BroNation and the Gasm Club.“. Missy Alcazar is a filipina-american professional dueling pianist, independent singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and true renaissance woman. Her first EP album “Come Love Me” released in 2018, helped her get nominated for Best Singer Songwriter at the 2019 San Diego Music Awards. In 2019 she released her 2nd EP Album titled […]

Producing a wide range of songs, rapper ‘Xu’ delights fans with debut single ‘Pretend’.

‘Pretend’ is the debut single from up and coming rapper ‘Xu’. Talking about the single, Xu says “The content in the song sets where I stand in the streets and ultimately how I’m coming for the rap game”. Xu’ has been rapping for 4 months and his next single is entitled ‘License to live’ due out in two weeks. There is also a Feature with MellowRackz on the way to follow his solo work. ‘Xu’ says “I’m really making a new sound for the hood (NMB) North Miami Beach/Niggas Making Bread/Niggas admitting Banks. Over using that Detroit wave is not allowing us to show the world our full potential, and We have a better story to tell than the rappers elsewhere. We have the most raw streets in the US. It’s mandatory to learn about Miami. Every rapper that is something now, had to come to Miami, to get respect , to learn how to have money.” Xu describes his music as experimental rap, but he also produces a wide range of songs in different genres. He says “The K chain is my mentor in the rap game he’s been in it for over a decade now (He the first […]

How should South American heavy music sound like nowadays? Check out the powerful sound of new single ‘The World and Its Lies’ from South American metallers ‘Cultura Tres’.

Long-running South American metallers Cultura Tres are back with a bang! Finally, the brothers Alejandro and Juanma Montoya break the silence announcing the new album “Camino De Brujos” due for release on April 7th 2023 via Outono Music, with distribution by Universal Music in South America, and Bloodblast in the rest of the world. There is only good news from Cultura Tres! Getting a second wind, the band is more than happy to welcome none other than Sepultura’s bass player Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. in their ranks. “Something we’ve learnt while listening to Andy Wallace’s albums (he is God in our little world) is that if you can’t imagine the band performing while you listen to a recording then you are just listening to a computer. And we are not interested in letting fans hear a computer… We’d rather invite them to hear 4 people playing their hearts out on a record. This record.”, comments the frontman Alejandro Montoya. “In 2019, after hearing about the plans for a new Cultura Tres, I offered Ale and Juanma to join the band. The music is very organic. There are a lot of influence from the 90’s and a little bit of hardcore […]

The single “Seven Desires” is the first preview of the newest force of Brazilian rock. Find out more and watch the video.

Band formed by well know musicians in the Brazilian scene releases first preview of debut album The band Supernoise is a new name in the Brazilian rock scene, however it is formed by musicians of the highest caliber. The band, which defines itself as “Brazilian gringo rock”, is preparing its fans for the release of its first full-length album, which hits the market through the partnership Outono Music/Universal Music. The group released on November 25, on all digital platforms the single “Seven Desires”, a strong hard rock full of energy. Listen now to the new single “Seven Desires”: https://umusicbrazil.lnk.to/SevenDesires/ The track also got a special music video released on the same date, on Supernoise’s official YouTube channel. “Seven Desires” is the first of a few singles that the band will release before the full album, which will have eleven original tracks and is expected to hit the music market in the first half of 2023. Supernoise’s singer, Cristopher Clark, gained great prominence on the scene with the spotlight of the X-Factor Brazil television contest, in which he won the first edition, that got him a contract with Sony Music Brasil for a solo album. However, he has a much longer […]

After their immense world tour, German gothic metal band MONO INC return in style with new single and EP ‘Lieb Mich’.

EP brings together the band’s latest singles, previews from the upcoming album Ravenblack. German gothic metal band MONO INC. released the single “Lieb Mich”, in which they presents fans with yet another dark and captivating work from its vast repertoire full of classics. The track arrived on digital streaming platforms in EP format, also bringing the previous singles “Heartbeat of the Dead”, “Empire” and “Princess of the Night”. All tracks from the Lieb Mich EP will be featured on Ravenblack, the group’s long-awaited 12th studio album, which will be available on streaming platforms in January 2023. The single “Lieb Mich” brings a memorable sound and chorus with the characteristic beat of the German ensemble and received a music video version, available on the group’s youtube channel. Another track from the EP, “Empire”, according to singer Martin Engler, brings a message of conquering dreams if you believe that it is possible to overcome challenges. The acclaimed “Princess of the Night” talks about the endless love and the duality that this feeling can create in the human being. Featured on digital platforms, “Heartbeat of the Dead” is another single that shows a new facet, while delivering the music expected by its longtime […]

‘Mr.Reaper’ takes you on an adventure where you can smoke, drink and ride, as you listen to his new single ‘Come Follow Me And We Ride’.

‘Come Follow Me And We Ride’ is the new single from ‘Mr.Reaper’. The new single ‘Come Follow Me And We Ride’ is an ultimate summer chill song that takes you on an adventure where you can smoke, drink and ride to. Fusing hard hitting rap rhymes to infectious beats. Mr.Reaper is an emerging hip hop artist from Woodbridge, VA looking to make his mark on the music industry. Online: Spotify Song Link:https://open.spotify.com/track/05WlxrhHihDdhsF1vmvCMm?si=Y0CAC6CBStGlkNFAzaTJag&utm_source=copy-linkApple Song Link:https://music.apple.com/us/album/come-follow-me-and-we-ride-single/1613580769?lsSocial Media LinksInstagram: http://instagram.com/darealmr.reaperFacebook:http://facebook.com/ReapthajackalTwitter:http://twitter.com/Reapthajackal

‘Anacy’ is set to become a household name as she drops new single ‘It’s Not You’.

Cape Town based indie pop female singer Anacy has been releasing a selection of singles over the last few years slowly cementing her as a true indie visionary and each single solidifies her undeniable talent and passion for her art. Having recently signed a publishing and distribution deal with Gallo Record Company and CCA (Content Direct Africa), Anacy is finding the vehicle she needs to hone her talent and find her real voice. Already with an established fanbase and previous radio success with her single ‘My Sweet Lullaby’ – Anacy is set to become a household name. The new single has been sitting in her musical archives waiting to be born at the right time. Anacy notes – “This single has been a long and slow process. It was the first single I actually started recording for the EP (March 2021). However due to grieving the loss of several loved ones last year I ended up putting it on hold and focusing on other singles, ‘My Sweet Lullaby’ and ‘Dance Better That Way’, as a form of therapeutic catharsis”. I started working on ‘It’s Not You’ again at the beginning of this year. I completely altered and transformed the production […]

Presenting a futuristic, cyberpunk-inspired vision of Cape Town, South Africa, Watch the video for “Do I Really Wanna Know?” from Lenoy Barkai’s debut album, ‘Paper Crown’.

Do I Really Wanna Know?” is the first single to be released from Lenoy Barkai’s debut album, Paper Crown. The song juxtaposes rock instrumentation over classical vocal lines, experiments with vocal synths and follows an untraditional structure. “It is definitely the track where I set out to try something new and pushed myself further beyond my comfort zone than I had with any songs I’d written previously. And it ended up being one of my favourites, and most fun to record. So even though it has a distinct character that stands somewhat apart from rest of the album, I was really excited to share it and chose to release it first,” says Lenoy. The track draws inspiration from a diverse array of artists, such as Kimbra, Portishead, early Muse and Radiohead. “Most profoundly I was inspired by the iconic South African band Lark. I remember being mesmerised by the band in my early twenties and I still return to it often. Back then, as a student of classical music, I was excited by the prospect of combining classical vocal lines with rock or electronic instrumentation and I don’t think anyone had ever achieved that with the level of originality and […]

The new single “Tell Me You Love Me” from ‘Alley’ transcends all age groups and genders.

Meet Alice Jacob aka Alley, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and CEO of Alice Jacob Productions, LLC. Alice was born in India but came to America at the early age of 2. She grew up in a quintessential small town in upstate, New York. Her backdrop was of rolling hills and side-by-side farms. As a child, Alice’s imagination grew to have a passion for the arts. She exudes in theater, screenwriting, romantic comedies, and action adventures. While attending theater classes at her local community college, Alice was cast as an extra in a high-profile featured film, The Accidental Husband starring Uma Thurman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Colin Firth, Isabella Rossellini, and Sam Shepard. The lights and cameras exposed Alice to another side of Manhattan. Alice attends screenwriting 1 and 2 at Gotham writers’ workshop. She continues her focus and grind and lands an agent and penned comic book and action-adventure stories. She authored a romantic comedy novel entitled, Gypsy Island. At that time in her life, Alice worked in the medical field. But fate has it; she lost her job as an LPN nurse. Something inside of her told her to “write songs…” “Write songs.” This started her journey of creating music and […]

‘Handsum Santiago’ is back with new single ‘Mucho Loco’ that has a fun Spanish Latino salsa vibe you can dance too and party all night long.

Hailing from Charleston, SC, Handsum Santiago has been an eminent force in music since his 2020 debut. Known for his catchy and creative style, his music has transcended genres and currently exists between categories, including; R&B, Pop, and Rap, among others. The new single from Handsum Santiago is entitled ‘Mucho Loco’. The incredible new single ‘Mucho Loco’ was created with a fun Spanish Latino salsa vibe you can dance too and party all night long. It puts you in a mindset to be in Miami or Central America living it up on a hold different Level and watching the Mamacitas drive you mucho loco. Currently signed to Santiago Música Group, Santiago has released several other singles, celebrated newly gained freedoms and demonstrated how easy it is for one to exploit talent. His discography features tracks such as; “Desperate Love (2022),” “Make You My Wife (2022),” & “COVID-19 (2020),” among many other favorites. Over the past two years, he has collaborated with several artists like; C.A.P, Mary Dennis, Fantasy, and Angelica. Online: Artist Official Website: http://www.handsumsantiago.com/ Stream and follow all: https://linktr.ee/handsumsantiago

Learning his craft listening to an old stereo system, singer/songwriter ‘Rey.Ant’ puts out new single ‘The One’.

‘The One’ is the new single from Rey.Ant. Rey.Ant is a singer/songwriter originally from Washington, DC but now based in Atlanta, Ga. Rey.Ant spent time as a teenager just listening to slow jams in his living room on and old stereo system that looked like long dresser. Rey.Ant is a huge Michael Jackson fan, as well as The Force MD’s , Jodeci , New Edition, The Debarge, and so many others like Stephanie Mills. He Says “I was to busy trying to be like Mike instead of whom I’m created to be”. Online: Linktree Instagram@rey_ant2616Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/Newbeginning2616Spotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/track/6g3xVmr7ntk4Fz6wJ00bxK?si=hN_4DnsJScCXEfGSaHUmFw&utm_source=copy-linkYoutubehttps://youtu.be/PScEIGc7FQMWhere To Buy Your MusicReyant.org

Capturing Deson Teninchy’s passion and somewhat aggressive lyrical delivery, Check out his new album ‘First Supper’.

‘First Supper’ is the new album from ‘Deson Teninchy’ on the Estate Entertainment label. Brooklyn, NY, recording artist, composer, performer, producer, and street poet Deson Teninchy’s latest album titled “First Supper” has been officially released through Estate Entertainment and has already demonstrated the initial signs of impact within the entertainment industry. According to the label’s representative, Nicole White, while this album is intended to be construed as somewhat unorthodox by hip-hop aficionados, the artist’s and label’s goal was to appeal to a more conscious listening target. “We’ve tried to capture DESON’s passion and somewhat aggressive lyrical delivery on ‘First Supper’ to counterbalance it with its underlying wit, metaphors, and the strength of an inner-city point of view within its content.” Hailing from Hip-Hop’s core, Brooklyn, NY, comes multi-talented musician DESON TENINCHY, aka Devon. Gifted with many talents, TENINCHY has worn many hats in the music entertainment industry, from Hip-Hop music artists to rappers, poets, music producers, and pop musicians. As an artist, TENINCHY has worked with various Hip-Hop heavyweights. Some would call TENINCHY a street poet, while others say he’s a bit unorthodox. But, that makes his music relevant and resonates with various communities. As a product of his environment, […]

In search of positive melodic storylines ? Check out the new single ‘Ghost In Your Head’ from ‘AnoTribe’ off his new hard rock album ‘Songs From My Head’.

‘Ghost In Your Head’ is the new single from ‘AnoTribe’ taken from his new album ‘Songs From My Head’. Both the 13 track album & the single have a consistent hopeful ANGER lyrically about the world today. Musically it easy to embrace the driving riff-heavy guitars and mix of drums/beats making sure HARD ROCK lives on!! AnoTribe is a creator of musical short stories w/ HEAVY RIFF laden lines and GREAT BEATS. His sound delivers the raw emotion of a skeptical mind in search of positive melodic storylines. AnoTribe plays all instruments, sings all vocals as well as arranges all drums/beats. All tracks are written, recorded & mixed by the AnoTribe in his two studios. Online: https://www.anotribe.comhttps://open.spotify.com/artist/2XhygopjvZ9LCOOW4PR4U0?si=b34sr7-mQDWp8uyezGfaRQ&nd=1.https://soundcloud.com/anotribe.https://music.amazon.com/artists/B0BJ1359LF/anotribe.https://music.apple.com/us/artist/anotribe/1649621040.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55rGg2KqzH4.https://www.instagram.com/anotribe_music/.

“Sultanes del Ritmo” get two albums pre-nominated among the 59 best albums in the world for the Latin Grammy Awards.

The group of Caribbean music “Sultanes del Ritmo” was born from the idea of Juan Pablo Maluk Selamé, whose artistic name would become Pablo Sabor for the effects of his participation in this musical group. Pablo returned from a trip to Cuba in 2009, where he toured the entire island practically. He arrives very inspired by the natural beauties of Cuba, its geography, its history, culture, and especially its music.  At that time, it was very fashionable cubatón on the island, a mixture of reggaeton with salsa and other typical Cuban rhythms. The movement’s leaders were Gente de Zona, which was not yet known outside Cuba. When Pablo arrived in Chile, he told Patricio Fredz, a classmate and friend from The Mackay School, about the idea of making an album with the best covers of these cubatones.  Patricio suggested to Pablo that he should compose his songs and make an album with original songs since he had had this innate talent since his school days. The idea was fundamental for the future of the group. They contact Luis Cheul Hola, another former student of Colegio Mackay, with studies in Germany, as a Music Producer and Arranger. All this is recorded in Luis’ studio in […]

Oussama ESSEDDYQ (born 5 November 1989), known professionally as ‘Don Afric’ unveils new single ‘Hot One’.

Oussama ESSEDDYQ (born 5 November 1989), known professionally as Don Afric, is a Moroccan rapper, singer and songwriter from Tangier. His brand new single is entitled ‘Hot One’. He’s known for his album Yellow Pages. Don Afric sings in 5 languages English, Arabic, French, Spanish & Dutch. He learned most of languages thru music.  Don Afric has been also part of the film industry where he worked on a few movies such as Spectre (James bond) & War Machine (with Brad Pitt). Although Tangier is his home town, Don Afric is spending most of his recent years in Dubai. For Don Afric, music was the meaning of a life he’s been pursuing for as long as he remembers, music was the sound that kept him going during his good and tough times. Online: Official Website Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1lZAo5OhEigG38p1f6ARBU?si=mRw02dz1TkOFBXHupp93uQ Apple Music : https://music.apple.com/ae/artist/don-afric/1481617715 IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7426814/

After working on movies such as Spectre (James Bond) & War Machine (with Brad Pitt), ‘Don Afric’ is a Moroccan rapper, singer/songwriter from Tangier who drops new music.

Oussama ESSEDDYQ (born 5 November 1989), known professionally as Don Afric, is a Moroccan rapper, singer and song writer from Tangier. He’s known for his album Yellow Pages. Don Afric sings in 5 languages English, Arabic, French, Spanish & Dutch. He learned most of languages thru music.  Don Afric has been also part of the film industry where he worked on a few movies such as Spectre (James bond) & War Machine (with Brad Pitt). Although Tangier is his home town, Don Afric is spending most of his recent years in Dubai. For Don Afric, music was the meaning of a life he’s been pursuing for as long as he remembers, music was the sound that kept him going during his good and tough times. Online: Official Website Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1lZAo5OhEigG38p1f6ARBU?si=mRw02dz1TkOFBXHupp93uQ Apple Music : https://music.apple.com/ae/artist/don-afric/1481617715 IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7426814/

The hot new single ‘IFEOMA’ from Nigeria’s ‘BRITE BENSON’ is about a beautiful girl that loves the good life.

‘IFEOMA’ is the new single from Nigerian artist ‘BRITE BENSON’. The single is about a beautiful girl that loves the good life. Brite Benson Giwa known professionally as Brite Benson is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, performer, and actor. With his unique sense of style, the fast-rising Nigerian-born, Afrobeat hip-hop artist is set to release his official single Shokoyokoto a feel-good song produced by Lah lah. Cameroonian female pop star Adele Clarice blesses this song with her sonorous voice. By and large, Brite Benson’s latest singles occupy the same structures raised by the rest of the Radio hits found around currently. It’s pulsing, tight, and thoroughly melodic. Benson’s voice, a forceful twist, is so unique that it can be paired well with other established productions around the world. One of the things that makes Benson an interesting artiste is that he brings along subtle African elements and slangs in the midst of his euphoric, melodic afro-pop vibes.Diversified Singer.. Brite Benson‘s occasional rap cadences are never the core exercise; nor is rapping essential to his appeal. From start to finish, in fact, Benson is aggressively committed to endearing listeners to his singing chops that showcase values like personal dynamism, tone, and range. […]

Music runs in the blood of rapper ‘Simeon Views’ as he rises up with new single ‘I Called it’.

The new single ‘I Called It’ from ‘Simeon Views’ is a solo hit off the upcoming album ‘Obviously I’m Hurt‘. Reigning from Springfield Mass Simeon Views knew what it was like to live in a forgotten city. Springfield streets carries all the grime with none of the glory. But at 16, him and his Eleven Views collective vowed to go from forgotten to fortune. Between battle rapping, freestyling, and recording in basements, Simeon and his crew became known as princes of their city. Very few artists display the versatility and presence as this young King. He has the potential to rise to the ranks of the greatest. His independent debut album “Her Favorite Artist” gave him costal coverage, infecting the streets from Massachusetts to Atlanta. The ladies fell in love all while he executed lyricism and cadences on par with household names like Drake and Kendrick Lamar. This makes sense because music runs in his blood. On one side he is close cousins with the late Hip-Hop pioneer Eazy-E, on the other he is a first generation immigrant from the slums of Jamaica and carries that island persona. Online: Apple Music Spotify YouTube Soundcloud Instagram

“The song is personal”, says Virtual Neo Soul and Hip-Hop Artist ‘n.e.r.d. life by D’Vo’ as he unleashes new single ‘Dark Matters’.

n.e.r.d. life by D’Vo is a Virtual Neo Soul and Hip-Hop Artist from Houston, TX. He is the owner of the independent label, Element 11 Inc under which he is releasing a series of albums called, The Codex, which will be an extension of eleven bodies of work. DARK MATTERS, produced by Tellingbeatzz, is an experimental hip-hop track that would fit among the emo and dark hip-hop genres. The lyrics are told in the first-person perspective of someone who struggles with mental health and self-harm, although triggering for some, the song is encouraging the listener towards healing. The ambiance of the guitar adds emotion and drama to the track, a perfect element for the lyricism to be felt. “The song is personal”, says D’Vo, “we all know of someone who has fallen into a pit of depression and or suicidal thoughts.” Here is what a few Soundcloud tastemakers are saying about the single, “That guitar is sexy.” “Awesome song! Love the beat and vocals, you kill it.” The fourth album titled, The Codex: In My Bag, will be a shift from the first three albums. With each release, the recording artist has improved upon his craft and delivery. Volume IV […]

Brazil’s rock metal heroes ‘Armored Dawn’ release powerful new song entitled ‘Tides’.

After a triumphant comeback with “S.O.S.”, Armored Dawn releases their newest single “Tides”, delivering even more heaviness. However, like the previous song, this current record also addresses deeper sentimental themes, such as melancholy. The launch took place on all major streaming platforms on September 30th. The song was recorded at renowned Dharma Studios and mixed by renowned producer Chris Lord Alge (Muse, Green Day, Nickelback), while mastering was handled by Ted Jensen (Bring Me The Horizon, Evanescence, Metallica). Listen to the new single “Tides”: https://umusicbrazil.lnk.to/Tides Armored Dawn’s current lineup is comprised of Eduardo Parras (vocals), Tiago de Moura and Timo Kaarkoski (guitars), Heros Trench (bass), Rafael Agostino (keyboards), and Chris Oliveira (drums). Armored Dawn Find a concept, work with the right partners and invest in the potential to pursue your dreams. From this perspective, Armored Dawn was born in 2014 and within a few years became relevant in the Brazilian metal scene. After all, they toured alongside great bands such as Saxon, Megadeth, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Europe, Hammerfall, Rhapsody, Fates Warning, Sabaton, Tarja Turunen, in addition to joining Motörboat, the cruise of the legendary band Motörhead. The first two albums, Power of Warrior (2016) and Barbarians in Black (2018), were produced […]

Award winning Persian American Hip-Hop artist ‘Prynce P’ unleashes ‘Silent Scream’ Feat Bahador Mokhtar, Wolfie Moncler & Elise Bishop.

‘Silent Scream’ is the hot new single from Prynce P Featuring Bahador Mokhtar, Wolfie Moncler & Elise Bishop. It’s a project dedicated to unite humanity and to shed light on the importance of world peace. Prynce P, the award winning Persian American Hip-Hop artist has been featured in over 80 magazines while also garnering extensive radio airplay. When one thinks of P, they’re bound to think of conscious music, as he never fails to shine a light on necessary topics while using his platform for the greater good. Online: Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMp-1Kn2dsIOfficial Site: www.pohectic.comInstagram: PryncePTheGreat