‘Sk8way 10thousand’ drops a warm beat and vocal driven fusion of rock and Trap Rap grooves and a screaming rhythmic unique spit as he lets loose ‘First Date’

Our musical good news today is entitled “First Date”, by Sk8way 10thousand. Indeed, Sk8way 10thousand unexpectedly blends rock music and pop, with the touches of emo-rap with his voice. This creativity gives us unusual and unique tracks like “First Date”.  Sk8way 10thousand · First Date ‘Sk8way 10thousand’ drops a warm beat and vocal driven fusion of rock and Trap Rap grooves and a screaming rhythmic unique spit as he lets loose ‘First Date’  – Muzicmirror UK Today we advise you to give yourself a musical break and the right dose of music. And let’s be honest, for us, it’s been a while that we did not have such a pleasant moment. We have found exactly what we were looking for with Sk8way 10thousand. The artist’s seductive voice and energy are an addiction and believe us, you will never get tired of it. You would have understood it: “First Date” is what we can call a Banger! Just perfect for our sunny and free days after the lockdown! You better add it on your playlists right now. We invite you to discover his beautiful & unique swagger on the track. ONLINE: Soundcloud Youtube Instagram

N2BLÜ take us back to the future with club fantastic 80’s esque pop dance single ‘Electric Dreams’

Modern Synth Pop and Dance outfit N2BLÜ follow up their previous big single ‘Better Now’ with a brand new single entitled ‘Electric Dreams’. Remember back in the 80s and 90s when the romantic comedies of the time were so formulaic and predictable, but you love(d) them anyway? This song is for all the New Romantics out there! Notions of love, at first sight, meeting the love of your life passing on the street, falling in love and living happily ever after, like a fairy tale. Electric Dreams love letter to somewhat simpler times of romance before we all got lost in a sea of technology and lost our ability to connect in the real world. N2BLÜ take us back to the future with club fantastic 80’s esque pop dance single ‘Electric Dreams’ – Muzicmirror UK LYRICS SPOTLIGHT – N2BLÜ – ELECTRIC DREAMS In a world of all things digital How do you find something real? That spark of something magical That makes you feel It was love at first sight, how it happened one night And it was more than it seemed It’ll happen someday If you can find your way Through these electric dreams Electric Dreams Through these electric […]

MUZICMIRROR DREAMY RAP TRAPS OF 2020: ‘ Jxckson’ lets loose a grand melodic dreamy and catchy production on new drop ‘Trees’

Hip Hop and Rap artist Jxckson Released His New Track Called “Trees“. The track is meant to reflect back on the artist’s past before he started making music. The intention is to relate to young adults through discussing topics like night life, social media, and relationships. https://open.spotify.com/track/4qK7Y7mLUyaLXcxqITkJJc?si=QPMTJafQQRWObjPvm33LgA MUZICMIRROR DREAMY RAP TRAPS OF 2020: ‘ Jxckson’ lets loose a grand melodic dreamy and catchy production on new drop ‘Trees’ – Muzicmirror RAP Jxckson said, “It’s a track letting you know a bit about who I was before I tried to get this music career started, for young adults it’s relatable to the lives they live. From the night life to social Media and the way that relationships are difficult or to find a real one is tough in this day and age.” The track is Jxckson’s first release and was produced by Patrick Osei at Hot Money Studios. It features Jxckson soulful vocals layered over a beautiful and vibey instrumental. Jxckson’s unique voice and flow are showcased throughout the track. Especially when he goes from singing to rapping, switching between the two throughout the track. The beats 808s and beautiful samples keeps the vibe going and gives space for the young […]

MUZICMIRROR VIRAL TRAP RAP GRIME BUZZ OF 2020: Globally viral Trap Rap Grime artist ‘Vlad HQ’ is back with atmospheric dark and dope hot new single ‘Tonight feat. RAHLI.

After going viral multiple times, trending new artist ‘Vlad HQ’ is back with dope new single ‘Tonight (feat. Rahli)’. Based in St. Louis, ‘Vlad HQ’ drops an infectious, dark, entrancing new style and fusion of Trap, Grime, Rap and Hip-Hop vibes. Building with an eastern world flavoured mysterious guitar atmosphere, over dope phat thick claps and isolated pumped up mellow dark Trap beats. Vlad HQ collaborates with Rahli on this raw, real and street track to deliver a dark vibed and mysterious sound, that keeps you addicted and infected over solid big wall of sound beats. vlad hq · Tonight (feat. Rahli) This is not just another Trap track, but an open ticket and invitation into experiencing a taste of the mysterious and wild Rap and Grime lifestyle of the sometimes controversial and globally trending new dark kid of Trap ‘Vlad HQ’. ‘Vlad HQ’ is followed globally by fanatics and follows in the footsteps of artists like ‘Keak Da Sneak’ and ‘Dax’ using dark beats and wild, whispery, distinctive spits that always lead to ‘Midas Touch’ catchy hooks, melodies and upfront, explicit, real life rhymes. Going viral again and with global followers, Vlad HQ is on a world domination mission […]

MUZICMIRROR BEST NEW LOCKDOWN RAP TRAP BOOM BAP DROPS OF 2020: ‘Grimey Hussein’ shoots straight outta the New Jersey Rap scene going lockdown Trap Rap Global with dope new drop ‘Pandemic’ Ft. Gmvcc Bandz

Hailing from Plainfield , New Jersey, Grimey Hussein is starting to make an impact in The New Jersey rap scene. Grimey Hussein has released several singles that can be found on All platforms. Grimey Hussein has a list of videos that you can also view on YouTube. Grimey Hussein’s music is a mix of 90’s hip hop, Chicago and London drill, Atlanta’s trap music, and east coast boom bap rap. Grimey Hussein is a very versatile artist. Growing up in the streets of Plainfield, Grimey Hussein has faced a lot of obstacles and you will hear it in his music. His unique style and voice will soon be a force to be reckoned with. ONLINE: You can follow Grimey Hussein on Instagram @kokanekodakz

MUZICMIRROR CROWNED LORDS OF R&B 2020: ‘Linnon Stylz’ presents new single ‘Crown Me’ (The New King of R’n’B)

Haven’t heard of Linnon Stylz yet? Where have you been living all this while, underneath some sort of rock? ‘Cause that’s the only imaginable explanation why you ain’t heard of this brand new age of R&B. And honestly, I suggest you get yourself out from under that rock as quickly as possible, so that you don’t miss it. Here’s the thing. I’ll be a pal and catch you up to speed to this revolution that’s taking place on the music scene. Linnon Stylz is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter out of Detroit, Michigan. He’s also the founder of his very own independent record label, meant to breathe new life into the R&B music scene and give young talent a voice. Overall, he’s a pretty cool dude, all in all. He sings from the heart, driven by an obvious love and passion for making quality music. Having followed this dream of his from the young age of three, Linnon Stylz is on fire, these days, and gives no sign of stopping from creating good tunes. His latest, “Crown Me (The New King of R’n’B)” is a modern take on what was once a super-popular music genre. The track title might seem […]

MUZICMIRROR SUPREME TEAM RAP AND TRAP DROPS: Dope hot east side artist ‘Travis Ford’ drops the infectious rap summer banger “Tatt city ft Slim 400” off hot EP ‘HOOD WIT PALM TREE IN IT’ hosted by ‘Jadakiss’

Travis Ford is a dope Hot New artist from east side of Southern California, Born and raised on 98th and Main Street in Los Angeles by Mother (Ardalia Watson ) and Grandmother (Inez Henderson ). Travis grew up a big fan of Michael Jackson ,lil Wayne at a young age performed at Churches ,Talent shows , School events ,Family knew he was going to be a entertainer maybe even a superstar. After jail time , grandmother passing , Travis starting linking and taking music more serious, Came together with Royalty records Ceo signed a deal start making major singles w host like Compton av ,Pacman da gunman ,Slim 400,Jadakiss, Tanyc and many more . On the street Now the hottest summer banger of 20/20 most are saying. “Tatt city ft Slim 400” “ Hood wit Palm treez in it hosted by jadakiss is name is ringing bells through California,Texas,Atlanta, Miami , and more. Travis is a very talented artist fans love his music and can’t can’t to hear further projects. Royalty records artist Travis Ford is a very interesting artist,Unique sound to we’re fans are comparing talent to LIL Wayne ,NBA young boy ,roddy rich , check his YouTube and […]

MUZICMIRROR RAP SUPREME TEAMS OF 2020: The incredible Rap messenger ‘Abel Meri’ drops "#BLM" a prolific deep dive and social commentary on the current state of civil rights and police brutality in America

Think Fab meets Jadakiss meets J. Cole as 90’s era boom bap lines collide with modern day sonic vibrations. Seamlessly bridging the generational gap, this is what evolved rap sounds like. Abel is an Ethiopian-born and DMV-bred recording artist. An MC’s MC and a throwback to the era of bars and lyricism, Abel’s 90’s influence is apparent immediately, yet is refreshingly complemented by a contemporary flow and delivery. Substantive, conscious, thought provoking rap served over soulful instrumentals. No cursing or negative imagery. Just timeless, uplifting rap music that feeds the soul. Packed full of punchlines, word play, flow patterns, cadence, delivery styles and alliteration, Abel’s versatility and range are limitless. Employing the recording style of Jay-Z and Biggie, Abel prides himself on never writing down rhymes. All of his music is created and recorded in a stream of consciousness in the moment. Abel has been releasing music at a furious pace in 2020 having dropped 3 EPs and several standout singles. From R&B laced bangers like “Jaded”, “No Brainer” and “Seasons” to a punchline onslaught on “Salute”to the summertime rhythm of “Vibes” or the faith-based “We On 1“, real hip hop heads are sure to get goosebumps from the first […]

MM JAZZ LOUNGE TREATS 2020: ‘Wes Long’ releases his ten-year East meets West, Ambient Pop, Lounge and Jazz fusion musical odyssey with ‘Paper Lantern’

The mysterious, extraordinary artist and producer ‘Wes Long’ releases his latest musical odyssey entitled ‘Paper Lantern’. East meets West in this subtle yet gripping blend of Chinese string, wind, and percussion instruments set against a tight backdrop of Ambient Pop, Lounge and Jazz fusion. How would you describe the album ? “This album is a culmination of a ten-year musical journey to explore the limits of emerging technologies which came along as I was making music”. Paper Lantern is out now. ONLINE: YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVwysNRtGFuT3G_JgtKzHcw? Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/10lPlZSvZZSJGijLEws9ec?si=Rr5lmmwnS9yLDlEM9X_qzA

DANCE HITS OF 2020: ‘Happy Sadness’ was partly inspired by Guantamano Bae experience working as a prison guard at Guantanamo Bay and feeling quarantined from life amid work, similar to what the words faces during this corvid-19 pandemic.

Guantamano Bae sets the world of electronic dance music on fire with his new cerebral masterpiece titled Happy Sadness. Remixed by DJ and producer James Jager, Happy Sadness is a riveting composition that embodies contrasting sonic elements for a very unique and startling musical experience. Happy Sadness was partly inspired by Guantamano Bae experience working as a prison guard at Guantanamo Bay and feeling quarantined from life amid work, similar to what the words faces during this corvid-19 pandemic. The track possesses an enchanting groove with a strong pulsating beat and crisp bassline. Producer James Jager creates a highly palatable  and melodic landscape that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats. Amid its intense vibe, Happy Sadness is imbued with rhythmically colourful measures of synth and an equally rich vocal performance. Happy Sadness (James Jager Remix) by Guantamano Bae is a portal into the cosmic side of electronic dance music. About The Artists  James Jager is a DJ and Producer who is currently based in the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. Finishing his engineering degree at Drexel University, James went on to pursue a career in the music industry.       Performing at venues that include NOTO Philadelphia, Rec […]