Making raw unpolished sounds mostly with analog equipment, Shadow Creek release ‘A Quiet Place’

Shadow Creek is a new name in horror genre from Houston, Texas, USA. This is a an electronic rock duo band founded in 2019 by Tony Preston (lyrics, music, synthesizers, guitar, drum machines). Accompanied by the vocalist Emma Campbell, they recently released their second album Urban Decay in September 2021. The album is available on Spotify and all major digital platforms. Shadow Creek make songs primarily inspired the movies. They create underground synth-heavy music with influences from 1980s and love making raw unpolished sounds mostly with analog equipment. A Quiet Place is the opening song from our recent album Urban Decay.The story of the song is based on the famous 2018 survival horror movie directed by John Krasinski. Genres: electronic rock, post-punk, gothic, darkwave. The song recreates spine-chilling atmosphere of the movie with beautiful voice of Emma Campbell, spooky analog synthesizers and melancholic guitar by Tony Preston. Online: Spotify: Bandcamp: Apple Music: Youtube music video: Facebook: