The new single “Tell Me You Love Me” from ‘Alley’ transcends all age groups and genders.

Meet Alice Jacob aka Alley, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and CEO of Alice Jacob Productions, LLC. Alice was born in India but came to America at the early age of 2. She grew up in a quintessential small town in upstate, New York. Her backdrop was of rolling hills and side-by-side farms. As a child, Alice’s imagination grew to have a passion for the arts. She exudes in theater, screenwriting, romantic comedies, and action adventures. While attending theater classes at her local community college, Alice was cast as an extra in a high-profile featured film, The Accidental Husband starring Uma Thurman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Colin Firth, Isabella Rossellini, and Sam Shepard. The lights and cameras exposed Alice to another side of Manhattan. Alice attends screenwriting 1 and 2 at Gotham writers’ workshop. She continues her focus and grind and lands an agent and penned comic book and action-adventure stories. She authored a romantic comedy novel entitled, Gypsy Island. At that time in her life, Alice worked in the medical field. But fate has it; she lost her job as an LPN nurse. Something inside of her told her to “write songs…” “Write songs.” This started her journey of creating music and […]