Bamboozle deliver a rocking new E.P ‘ Red Right Hand’–Check out an exclusive interview with the band on Muzicmirror

Bamboozle are a 50’s influenced rocking band  with a modern sound. Being one of the only bands to have a gal on vocals and rockabilly slap bass  a world class pedal steel player , one of the scenes top rockabilly guitarists and drummers and mesmerising four part harmonies  Bamboozle are the band to see ! Playing a range of 1950’s rockabilly  swing and western swing classics  original songs and arrangements of some modern tunes , Bamboozle are a truly rocking band to dance the night away to. The band consists of: Serena Sykes – Double Bass/Vocals Jim Knowler – Guitar/Vocals Dave Kirk – Pedal Steel  Guitar /Vocals Shaun o’Keeffe – Drums /Vocals The new single ‘Just like you’ is taken off the album ‘Red Right Hand’. Bamboozle interview  How would you describe your genre ? Serena: I guess you could describe our music as Modern Rockabilly Swing… Or 50’s Revival… It’s a real eclectic mix of our influences. It has some definite rockabilly tones, and a strong western swing feel, and also swing style, but it also has a clean, modern sound, with even some alternative influences from myself. Its very difficult to pin down in one style, its not […]