MUZICMIRROR RAP AND HIP-HOP INTERVIEWS: ‘Vic Shadez’ and ‘Soulution’ reveal some facts about their revolutionary album ‘Zenith’

How and why did you guys first start making music? We both felt in love with hiphop at an early age and knew that’s what we wanted to do, from listening to some iconic artists back then. Where are you from? Hudson county new Jersey Where are you now? Hudson county new Jersey What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received about your music? It’s better than mainstream music and authentic What’s the coolest, most important show you’ve played to date (the kind of show you’d like to play more of)? Opening for funk master flex at the china club. Vic Shadez and Soulution drop their radical, inventive and dope ‘Zenith’ album, proving that  Hip Hop is alive and well, as it’s heart beats stronger everyday. Thanks to artists such as VIC SHADEZ and SOULUTION, who along with GO-ILLA are the life blood of this thing we call hip hop. The under current, the subconscious energy that is the driving force. ‘Zenith’ is not just an album, but an epic and cinematic journey into sound, experimentation and hip-hop roots. The production is mammoth and dreamy and meanders and changes under an efficient and direct rap and spit. Is this Cinematic Trap […]