The hot new single ‘IFEOMA’ from Nigeria’s ‘BRITE BENSON’ is about a beautiful girl that loves the good life.

‘IFEOMA’ is the new single from Nigerian artist ‘BRITE BENSON’. The single is about a beautiful girl that loves the good life. Brite Benson Giwa known professionally as Brite Benson is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, performer, and actor. With his unique sense of style, the fast-rising Nigerian-born, Afrobeat hip-hop artist is set to release his official single Shokoyokoto a feel-good song produced by Lah lah. Cameroonian female pop star Adele Clarice blesses this song with her sonorous voice. By and large, Brite Benson’s latest singles occupy the same structures raised by the rest of the Radio hits found around currently. It’s pulsing, tight, and thoroughly melodic. Benson’s voice, a forceful twist, is so unique that it can be paired well with other established productions around the world. One of the things that makes Benson an interesting artiste is that he brings along subtle African elements and slangs in the midst of his euphoric, melodic afro-pop vibes.Diversified Singer.. Brite Benson‘s occasional rap cadences are never the core exercise; nor is rapping essential to his appeal. From start to finish, in fact, Benson is aggressively committed to endearing listeners to his singing chops that showcase values like personal dynamism, tone, and range. […]