Singing since she was a kid, ‘Amanda Plumb’ is a 20 year old Singer-Songwriter who is about to release her new single ‘seaside’.

‘Amanda Plumb’ is a 20 year old Singer-Songwriter. Born in Sonoma County, California. She has been singing since she was a kid. In weddings and huge family events is where she starred. In high school she wrote music with a lot of her friends and also did high school plays / musicals. She is releasing her first studio single “seaside” in the very near future. Talking about her singing career and new single ‘Seaside’, ‘Amanda Plumb’ says “My newest single, Seaside was written in San Diego. I was in my senior year of highschool doing asynchronous learning and a few people from my highschool (who graduated a couple years before) had been reaching out to me to make music. I recorded Seaside the first time in a professional studio. It was really fun with my friends because they brought great energy and they were really supportive. The song is about falling in love. Feeling like your floating and like you can accomplish anything in the world. The love I had felt like a movie type of love. Everything felt too good to be true. Especially, being by the seaside of San Diego, one of the most beautiful places in California. […]