THEKLEAVEHER drops radical new single ‘Shake it’ as he cheers up locked down fans with new material

THEKLEAVEHER is a 20 year old rapper, producer and artist from Florida, USA. THEKLEAVEHER creates and produces his own distinctive fusion and blend of Hip-Hop, Trap, Grime and Rap music with a pop edge. THEKLEAVEHER works mainly with his friends and producer/engineer vitodropthat and is influenced by artists like Kurt Cobain, (“owl pharaoh” travis Scott), Gorillaz  ( Formed by Blur’s Damon Albarn) and Kevin Parker. The brand new release from THEKLEAVEHER is entitled ‘Shake it’. THEKLEAVEHER · Shake It (prod. illegal) THEKLEAVEHER talks about the meaning and inspiration behind the song: “I made this song last month because I know times are a little weird right now, and I want to put everybody back into a party mood whoever decides to listen to the song”. THEKLEAVEHER has performed live at the restaurant/ bar ‘Suri West’ in Wellington Florida and at trending parties around Florida. THEKLEAVEHER opens up about the track and how he has felt in lockdown: “I deal with a lot of normal shit that everybody deals with, anxiety/depression, but I try to focus on having fun and making music, I just want to put people in a good mood when they hear my songs”. LISTEN TO MORE SONGS […]