MUZICMIRROR POP TREATS 2020: ‘The Safety Word’ release a well crafted and produced electronic pop single entitled ‘Games’

The Safety Word are an electronic duo from Melbourne Australia their works inspired by dream pop, chill wave and trip-hop sensibilities. The band consists of core song writing team John Rousvanis on (vocals/electric guitar) and Simon Quinn (laptop/keys) who either play as a compact duo unit or expand the band’s sound with an assortment of guest musicians for unique performances. MUZICMIRROR POP TREATS 2020: ‘The Safety Word’ release a well crafted and produced electronic pop single entitled ‘Games’ – Muzicmirror UK Their sound can be described as down tempo electronica with a twist of trip-hop and future R & B. Thrown into the blender are soulful vocals, abstract guitar, deep bass and ambient synth soundscapes. The Safety Word released “Games” the lead single from their forth coming EP on Friday 27th of March. This time they bring you a blistering electro-pop anthem crafted as much for the dance floor as it is for the headphones of the lonely ones pining after their unrequited love. This track bounces along with a catchy dance floor ready groove whilst keeping one foot firmly planted in washed out nostalgia and reflection. The songs themes explore complex relationships, conflicting emotions and fear of commitment. Upbeat […]

Music Mirror UK celebrates upcoming single and album by Kes C

Kes was born in South Africa during Apartheid and then her parents decided to flee the country and raise the family in rural England, having experienced many life-threatening situations. Subsequently, after the London bombings in 2005, Kes moved to Norwich and played the local scene in her family band Fuzzballs, solo gigs as Kes C, in cover bands and as a wedding singer. Kes C now lives in Shropshire. Growing up surrounded by a musical family, Kes listened to blues and soul and wrote her first song on guitar aged 12. She sung in school choirs and landed lead parts in musicals, then moved to London aged 18 to pursue her musical career. To develop her diversity and interpretation of songs, Kes experimented with musical styles such as soul, funk, heavy rock, dance and trip hop. Singing first in a rock and 90s college band called Genius in her early 20s and went on to tour with Misnomer, a trip-hop band with some radio success, who headlined Astoria and other London venues. Kes records songs for Molan Publishing, who approached her in 2014 during a recording session at the Beehouse Recording Studio in Mid-Wales. As a keen live performer, Kes […]