Published on 3 Aug 2014

The Datsuns new song from the forthcoming album “Deep Sleep” out this October.

Available as a free download from their Bandcamp page

Here’s the story from Music News

The Datsuns will return with their sixth album ‘Deep Sleep’ in October.

‘Deep Sleep’ was recorded during a 10 day plunge into Roundhead Studios in Auckland over summer. The album will run 34 minutes from start to finish.

‘We’re not fucking around,’ said singer Dolf de Borst. ‘We’re all conscious of the fact that we don’t live close to each other and we’re getting older and people have families, so if we’re together, we’re going to make records.’

The Datsuns are:

Dolf De Borst ‘ vocals / bass
Christian Livingstone ‘ guitar
Phil Somervell ‘ guitar
Ben Cole ‘ drums

The Datsuns were the ‘next big thing’ of 2002 when they released their debut record ‘The Datsuns’. Their derivative rock sound predated the latter international successes from Jet and Wolfmother.

On the new record The Datsuns continue to source from the past with sounds of Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult and Deep Purple evident throughout this record.

Listen to Caught In The Silver from ‘Deep Sleep’.

The Datsuns ‘Deep Sleep’ will be released on October 3 through Hellsquad/Valve Records.

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